30 December 2011


I had a really quiet Christmas this year, it was really nice to just spend the whole day together as a family without anyone having anything they were pre-occupied with or rushing off to do. We have a little christmas routine that we've followed for as long as I can remember - I think its lovely how every family seems to have their own little traditions. Its been nice to just have a few quiet days to kick back and chill out a bit. Here's hoping that all of you had a wonderful Christmas time as well (:

29 December 2011

i haven't fallen off the face of the earth

Just thought I'd let you all know that.

My laptop should arrive back from the repair shop later today (fingers crossed) so I'll be back tonight or tomorrow.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

21 December 2011

i do love to be beside the seaside

At the end of November I went to visit one of my best friends at uni, the weather was gorgeous and we pretty much spent a whole morning wandering around the beach & eating fish and chips. They were Harry Ramsdens - and guys, they seriously are the most awesome fish and chips. Ever. We were busy catching up (read talking nonsense at each other) so I didn't take too many pictures but these were a few of them that I really liked. I kinda wanted to go up in the balloon but it was really expensive. Sad times.

Technically...I wasn't really supposed to be at a railway station whilst the sun was setting...but then I wasn't really supposed to be at this particular station at all. I am an absolute master of getting on the wrong train and ending up somewhere I'm not supposed to be. Luckily I have awesome people who I can phone when I inevitably end up in the wrong place. And it was kinda worth it for the sunset, almost.

18 December 2011

inspired home

One of the things I'm looking forward to most about graduating is getting my own place. One of the things thats so frustrating about living in a rented student house is the lack of scope we have to stamp our personalities on the place. Given how restricted we are, we've done a pretty good job and its really cozy and homey. But this does not stop me totally dying over interior design ideas on pinterest. Do any of you have pinterest? Ever notice how it sucks you into a time-stealing place of awesome?

The last few weeks things have been pretty intense at uni and I've been on a self-imposed pinterest, etsy & ravelry ban. Its been hard guys, real hard. Anyways, I'm back home now and I've given myself a few days off before I start revising for January exams. And I've been finding a load of really inspiring stuff around the web recently, so I thought I'd share some of it with you guys. 

This bookshelf wall is perfect.

I love how much space there is in this room. Its so clean and empty.

This is beautiful. And expensive. 

I really really love this.

I think red and black are my absolute favourite bedroom colours. 

So simple. I could probably do this in my room at uni...

11 December 2011


"I believe I'm loved when I'm completely by myself alone" - Savage Garden, Affirmation

Picasso once wrote that without great solitude no serious work is possible. Benjamin Franklin once said that the wisest man is he that takes wisdom from everyone. 

Solitude is an odd situation, there are those that crave it and there are those that hate it. In modern society it seems that solitude is scarce, badly thought of and misunderstood. We are constantly and instantly connected to other people. To friends. To family. To strangers. 

Sometimes this can be suffocating. At least, I can find it so. To clarify, no I'm not a people-hating antisocial nutjob (I think), but I do appreciate time alone, away from other people. I need to spend time with myself every now and again or I start to get cranky. Other people seem to really hate being alone, they say they hate feeling lonely. I don't understand this. In my opinion alone and lonely are worlds apart. 

Today I've spend pretty much the whole day in my room, which makes me feel a little guilty because R has been in all day. Today I have also been insanely productive and not felt stressed out for the first time in quite a while. What do you guys think about spending time alone? Good or not?

"Language...has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has crated the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone" - Paul Tillich

05 December 2011

around the web

You guys... I am seriously in love with this flickr gallery. How awesome are these frozen bubbles? I definitely want to try this, it looks amazing. They would make perfect christmas card pictures. Go check out the gallery to see them, 

Also, how awesome are these Panographies? I can't even imagine how much work these would take!

30 November 2011

all was quiet in the land of broken technology...

Sorry its been a bit quiet around here for the last few days (read week and a bit!) I broke my laptop (again). This happens quite frequently... I managed to blow the power in our house at the same time so it was quite an achievement! Frantic phonecalls to my mother followed and after unplugging absolutely everything in the house and messing around with the fuse box, the power came back on. Luckily.

Turns out I fried my power cable, so no major damage. Awesome. I also realised how much I use the internet, and also, that not reading blog posts for over a week = major backlog in bloglovin'.

My life for the past couple of weeks has basically been this: READREADREADWRITEREADWRITEREADREADREADWRITE. You get the picture yes?

'cos who doesn't love soil?

Yep. Crazy interesting. I apologise for the hideous quality of theis picture. My phone apparently doesn't like the library. I've also been totally fangirling over the Hunger Games, so nothing new really. If you haven't read the books then you should totally go do that. Right now. Okay?

22 November 2011

come visit!

Hi guys,

I'm over at Lauren's blog today as part of her new Day In The Life Of series! Her blog is fantastic so go and say hi! You can also get in touch with her if you like the idea and want to be featured. GOGOGO!

21 November 2011

its a walk in the park

Last week we were walking home from lectures just as the sun reached that point where everything looks warm and gold, so we walked through the park and the light was perfect. One of my favourite things about autumn and winter is the late afternoon light.

14 November 2011

fatal hesitation

The cafes are all deserted, the streets are wet again,
Theres nothing quite like an out of season holiday town,
In the rain
- Chris de Burgh, Fatal Hesitation

This is one of my absolute favourite pictures, of the beach in winter in my hometown. Its busy when its sunny but its beautiful in midwinter when its freezing cold and the salt wind stings your face. Its a world away from this busy city of concrete. This was shot on Kodak Gold 200 with a Canon EOS 300.


I've recently started the mammoth task of going through all of my 35.7GB of pictures and having a good sort out. I'm starting to have trouble finding pictures I know I've taken, so re-organisation is long overdue! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I find with you guys. In all likelihood, there will be absolutely NO order to this pictures at all. One because my pictures folder is pretty disorganised and two because I get bored of looking at the same pictures for too long. I need to come up with some sort of logical way to store things that doesn't involve millions of nested folders. I think this may take a while...

10 November 2011

Kindle Lovin'

I've seen a lot of debate around the web recently regarding kindles and other e-readers, some folks seem to love them and others seem to hate them. I was kinda anti when I first heard about them. I mean, they're not books. And I love books. Ergo - I don't like digital imposters that pretend to be books. Only, apparently I do.

Yes, they aren't books, obvs. And it is a completely different reading experience, there's no pages, no book smell, no random bits of paper between the pages, no scribbles where someone else has read it before you. But for me, both as a student and as a lover of fiction - its pretty much perfect. Its so light that I can keep it in my bag pretty much all of the time, and as I've put a lot of the required reading material for my course on it  the odd half hours between lectures can actually be used pretty productively. It takes a little bit of fiddling sometimes to fit scientific journal articles on the screen at a size that's comfortable to read but I've not yet found something that I can't read. The only problem I've encountered so far is that graphs with different coloured lines are a little bit confusing!

Love love the fact that I can have a whole series of books with me at once - I never have to wait to start the next one and this makes me happy. Also, reading mega books doesn't make my wrists hurt - yes, this is an important point.

All in all, the kindle is awesome (IMO) and a really useful tool for students - and also I guess other people who are on the move a lot.

04 November 2011

beautiful words

I love pictures. But sometimes words can be enough.

"It was a terrible beauty, something that would call to your body and make your heart cry." - Laurell K Hamilton - Seduced by Moonlight

01 November 2011


Halloween was a pretty quiet affair in our house. We stayed in and carved pumpkins, R made pumpkin soup & I spent ages picking pumpkin seeds out of the pulp only to leave them in the oven too long and burn them. Pumpkin seeds taste like popcorn if you almost burn them - who knew?! We didn't even watch a scary film because we are lame at halloween. Hope everyone had a great halloween weekend!

31 October 2011

home for the weekend

This weekend is the first time I've been home since this semester started. Coming home for me is like my reset button - I'm always less stressed when I come back. Also, I like to take pictures out of train windows, even though they're ALWAYS blurry.

24 October 2011

music monday

It makes me really happy when I can use alliteration in post titles. Does that make me weird? Probably.

I have a really random taste in music, in fact sometimes I'm not even sure I have a 'taste' in music because I pretty much like it all. That said, I do believe there are two types of music. There's the music that you enjoy listening to, the everyday stuff. Then there's the music that forces a response from you, makes you feel something, gives you goosebumps and has the power to make you cry. The first time I listened to this piece it gave me goosebumps. Like seriously, its amazing. Their whole album, is absolutely amazing. Excuse me whilst I go buy a cello...

23 October 2011

a crazy week

This week has seemed pretty absolutely mental. Loads of stuff's been going on, I've been trying to do a million different things, and I turned 20. Which is somewhat scary - 20 seems an awful lot older than 19, I think its the lack of 'teen' at the end, but I had an awesome day. I was kinda dreading having labs on my birthday but we got to plant grass and play with dirt so I was happy.

The weathers been a bit weird here the last few weeks.

14 October 2011

Five For Friday

1 & 2. This sunset out of my bedroom window.

3. Me & R got up early and snuck around the house to make M a cake & decorate for his birthday.

4. This courtyard at Uni makes me think of Hogwarts. 

5. Thrift bargain. I'm not entirely sure why I have such a thing about lanterns at the moment, but I'm going with it.

Have a great weekend (: x

13 October 2011

falling back in love

Getting my essay on. I love the fact that my desk is under my skylight.

So, on monday evening, a group of us went to a lecture held by the natural history society. It blew me away. The lecture was called 'The evolutionary strategies that shape ecosystems' which also happens to be the title of the book that the guest speaker has co-authored. The author is a hugely important British ecologist, who has done some really important work in his field. But that isn't really the point of this post.

His talk was incredibly interesting from an ecological point of view, but it was also incredibly inspiring for me as a student. Don't get me wrong, I love my degree. I love uni, I love being here and I love learning. But sometimes I do question myself, I wonder whether its all going to be worth it in the end. I read articles about graduate unemployment and it worries me. Everyone you speak to seems to know someone who has graduated and can't find work - myself included. I think sometimes as students we get so caught up in the details that we stop paying attention to the bigger picture - to our dreams, our goals, the reason we started doing this in the first place.

Listening to this professor last night made me stop questioning myself, it made me fall back IN love. With my plans for the future, with my subject and with what I want from my life.I think its a trap that we can all fall into, those of us who are lucky enough to be doing what we love - we grow complacent. We stop appreciating how incredibly fortunate we are, to be in this positon where we are able to actually act upon our dreams.

Every now and again, maybe we should pause. Think. Appreciate.

12 October 2011

Wednesday In Progress: Holiday Book

So I have this obession liking, for nice notebooks. Its quite weird, I buy them and then don't use them because I don't want to ruin them. Crazy right? I have quite the collection and my friends have pretty much banned me from stationary shops, I have to sneak in whilst they're not paying attention or run away while they're not looking. Its a terribly sad situation. Anyways, I found this gorgeous notebook in Paperchase over the summer, which I obviously had to have. Its like a travel journal, it has little plastic pockets for tickets and stuff and sleeves to put random bits of paper & stuff. And pictures of cameras, on every page. All in all, its pretty awesome. 

It was also pretty different from my usual notebook purchases because I planned on actually using it. I know, mental. See, I love scrapbooking but I find it incredibly time consuming. So I decided to strip it back to the basics and just go with pictures and journalling. This notebook was perfect - in fact, paperchase do loads of notebooks in this sort of style that would be perfect for this sort of thing. I use non-acidic double sides tape to fix my pictures in, I find that glue either doesn't stick properly or makes the pages all wrinkle up and look funny. Tape holds perfectly and you don't need much of it at all so a roll lasts a pretty long time. 

I'm about halfway through the holiday that me and my family took this summer and I'm so pleased with how its turning out. Progress has slowed since I've been back at Uni, but I'm hoping to have it finished within the next couple of weeks. I've also got another couple of projects that I've been working on that I'll be sharing with you shortly - keep an eye out!

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