25 May 2011

Beginners musings

When I first stumbled across Zenhabits, I became instantly enamoured with the concept of minimalism.I started to read more, discovered new blogs, new people. A completely different mindset existed out there in the vastness of the internet, a whole network of truly inspirational people. A rejection of the consumer culture that many of us are born into. My fascination grew. The simple happiness that these writers seemed to have found struck a chord.

I continued to read. To absorb.

And now I've started to change my own life, I still read about other peoples. In fact I probably read more. And everyone has their own story, their own tips, their own take on how to simplify life. It can be incredibly motivating. But it can also be incredibly overwhelming, especially for someone who's just starting out. It almost makes your efforts feel insignificant. I found myself wondering how on earth people managed to live with under 100 possessions, especially when I know that at this stage, I own far more that I would be unable to part with.

This is my journey. And I get to decided where it goes. The only important thing?
I've started it.

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