16 June 2011

52 Lists In 52 Weeks #1(2)


I have a slight obsession with lists. I make lists for pretty much everything. Books I've read, films I want to see, things to get done today, this week, this month, lists of lists I need to make... get my drift? And I am totally, 100% guilty of adding something to my to-do lists that wasn't on there before, simply so I can cross it off. I have absolutely no idea why I do this, it just makes my lists look longer. However, the immense amount of satisfaction I get from crossing an item off a list it totally worth it. Even if I do end up with lists that have REALLY obvious or stupid stuff on them - such as 'brush teeth' or 'go to work'. I mean, its not really like I'm gonna forget to do them now is it? 

Anyway, I digress! The entire point of this post is that I stumbled across something completely awesome this morning - involving lists. See? Awesome. Its called 52 lists in 52 weeks, and you can read about it here - but pretty much the name says it all. Each week either Kellie (the genius behind the whole idea) or a guest poster will create a list, and then invite everyone taking part to write their own lists - either the same or on a similar theme. Unfortunately I missed the first week, but it was just to create a daily to-do list - which I pretty much do anyway. Every day. Sometimes more than once! I'm just going to pick up from the second week, I think it'll be quite an interesting project - especially if the topics make me think a little harder about things I wouldn't have otherwise. There's also been a whole community set up around this which is really cool, if any of you want to take part - just check out the link & you can add your own lists to the bottom of the posts. The nice thing is the lack of numbers. I like this. I have freedom to make my lists whatever length it makes sense for them to be. From what I gather, the idea of the project is to be creative with the lists, but as I don't have my scanner set up just yet and my poor camera is at the repair shop - I'll just be scrawling mine down in some old notebook and typing them up. 

What have you learned from a place you have visited?

In the autumn of 2008 I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in California, on a kind of mini road trip with my family. Which was pretty awesome. So, in absolutely no order...
  1. Being near the sea makes me happy. Wherever I am. 
  2. Elephant seals are really lazy
  3. American pink lemonade is awesome
  4. When I was at the Grand Canyon, I realised that although I understood the age of the Earth in terms of number - that kind of timescale really is kind of impossible to get your head around. Its weird to think of the things that have happened while those rocks have been there. 
  5. Sunsets in the desert and extraordinarily and exquisitely beautiful
  6.  It is actually possible to listen to the same tour guide talk for over 14 hours and not go completely insane
  7. Vegas really is a city that literally never sleeps.
  8. Halloween in the US is practically a different holiday to in the UK. I spent Halloween in a fairly small town and the sense of community was incredible. Totally different to the 'turn the lights off and pretend we aren't home' attitude that seems to b prevalent here.
  9. Sometimes I take far far too many pictures. 
  10. I'm not bad at carving pumpkins!
  11. The lady that runs the pizza shop at the end  of the street where my uncle lives makes her dough fresh every morning. And she loves health food. 
I loved the fact that I was on holiday but still got to get involved in what was going on in the local community, it was a new experience for me, and infinitely more rewarding than staying in a hotel complex and doing the 'tourist' routine. 



  1. hello my darling Vic, thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been to the grand canyon and to me, it almost didn't seem real. Even standing there looking at it-it's scale is so immense and the colors so vivid, my brain had a hard time wrapping around the fact that this hole in the ground really existing. Amazing isn't it?

  2. Completely amazing, I took so many pictures, but none of them really capture it. Its more a feeling and an atmosphere than a sight - you have to have been there I think to understand it!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so new to this, and so grateful when people take the time to read my writing x


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