29 June 2011

The BIG summer project


BIG being the operative word in this title! So I've been having a massive clear out in my room since I've been back from Uni, just going through stuff and getting rid of what I don't use/want/need and such like. A lot of its pretty simple and fairly straightforward to make decisions about, but some of it isn't. Like stuff with memories attached. Now, in theory, I know that getting emotionally attached to an object is pretty daft - because its not the object you're actually attached to, its the memories that the object invokes. People tend to hate the idea of getting rid of something that has 'sentimental value,' as if, they'll forget the memories if that object isn't there to remind them - but if the object is so treasured, the memories that precious, then would you forget them without the object? If you would, then it seems that the object isn't all that important in the first place because the memories aren't.... but if you would, then surely the object is equally unimportant because you're going to remember everything anyway. This does kind of make sense. So much so that people have based entire lifestyles on the concept of owning very little.  Minimalism.

However, as much as I understand this in theory, in practice... well in practice its a lot harder. I don't want to get rid of some of my christening presents, I want to keep them. I don't feel that this is a bad thing - I highly doubt that by retaining a teddy bear money box I am going to stunt my emotional development, restrain my creativity and end up feeling trapped and unsatisfied with my life. Keeping shoes that are so uncomfortable I never wear them however, well yeah thats pretty pointless. Same with clothes I never wear, books I've read and won't read again and other such stuff.

There's other stuff I don't want to get rid of. A whole box of it in fact, I call it my memory box and its full of stuff that I've kept because it reminds me of important and special moments of my life. Its quite a big box, and there's literally no space left it it, so I was trying to decide what to do with it all. Some of it, I'll probably get rid of, I don't remember the last time I went through it - things that seemed vitally important then may not now.  Some stuff I know will stay, in the box, until the next time I empty it and go through it. I'll keep it then as well, every time I sort that box, some stuff will go straight back in, where it will remain until the next time. Which seems like a bit of a waste to me, so I've decided to go through my box  and actually do something with all the stuff in it. More precisely, I'm going to make a scrapbook. It won't be my first one, I've been working on a baby scrapbook for a while now and I made a mini-book for one of my friends birthdays last year. I think its going to be a bit of a challenge though, I've never scrapped without pictures before and although I can probably find pictures to go with some stuff in the family albums there's definitely going to be some things that are picture-less.


I really wanna dive straight into this and just get started, but I know from experience that a small amount of planning is needed if I want to be pleased with the results, so I've kinda planned it out in my head (and now here too!). To start with, I'm going to go through everything and check that I still want it and can remember why I kept it. As I do this I'm going to start a sort of journal to track my thoughts and memories about each object - which should make the journalling a lot easier! Once I've done this, I can get started on the scrapbook itself - which is just a standard 12x12 with posts so I can add extra pages if I want to.

I'm so excited!


  1. wow...what a beautiful book! As someone who has moved a LOT in my life and is used to not getting attached to 'stuff', I encourage you to keep your sentimental things. They are a physical representation of the memories and they help tell your stories. And you can be minimalist (in my opinion) and still have them!

  2. i'm one of those people who keep a lot of useless things in their closet just in case they're going to need it one day. haha! i don't know why it's so hard for me to throw those things away. i really need to do this big summer project too.

  3. I love my memory boxes! I always enjoy looking through them and having a little reminisce about all the junk I've kept. I wish I had enough patience to sit down and make it into a big scrap book though, hopefully your one may inspire me :P

    (Oh and hello from a new follower/blogger :D )

  4. Brandi - I think I'm starting to think the same way! I just feel the important stuff deserves something more important than a box on a shelf - hence the scrapbook (:
    Putdar - Thanks for checking out my blog! You should definitely join me.
    Abbi - Hi! Me too, I literally spent the whole of yesterday going through mine - old photo albums are next!


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