24 June 2011

☮ Five For Friday

I actually can't believe its Friday already! This week has gone so fast, but I've done absolutely tons so I'm not too bothered. This week, five things that I love:

1) My dog. He's like, my best friend. He listens to me ramble on about absolutely nothing and is always pleased to see me. And he fetches my knitting needles for me, which is both adorable and really helpful when I can't be bothered to go and get them.

2) White tea, I know tea keeps appearing on these lists... but I really do love it! I had white tea for the first time this week, its like, a zingier version of green tea. Is zingier even a word? 

3) Conversations with people I've never met. There's something wonderfully happy-inducing about having a really good conversation with a total stranger. 

4) This book, my nan gave it to me and its made knitting patchwork blanket squares so much more interesting. Its also really good practice for me, as I have a problem keeping track of where I am in a knitting pattern. I try to note it down but then I have to let go of one needle to pick up a pen/pencil and my flow gets all interrupted. Its such a dilemma. If anyone has any tips on this, I would be super grateful!

5) Curling up with a good book and losing track of time

Hope everyone had an awesome week!


  1. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so jealous! I used to have the most beautiful Border Collie called Bess when I was younger and I so miss having a dog around.

  2. Thankyou! I can imagine, we've always had dogs, I hate it when I'm at uni and don't have him around.


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