23 June 2011

Food and Photography

Managed to get hold of a camera yesterday, only a compact so I didn't quite have the same control over everything that I'm used to but it felt good to be able to take pictures again.. I got really out of the habit whilst I was at uni, I was reluctant to carry my DSLR around with me in case it got broken/stolen and its pretty heavy to carry around all day. I had a compact but the picture quality was so poor that I kinda gave up on it! I know what they say about workmen and tools...but the annoyingly slow shutter speed really got on my nerves! I've somehow managed to get the memory card stuck in the camera, so hopefully I'll get a call from the camera workshop sometime soon. 

I made fruit salad yesterday. It was beautiful, I have this really weird obsession with texture. I absolutely love it, I think its why I go barefoot so much, I like the way it feels to walk without the barrier of socks and shoes. So when I make foody stuff, I tend to use my hands. Not only do I love the way food feels but I also feel more connected to what I'm eating. I'm not a massive fan of ready meals and pre-prepared stuff, I got into the habit of eating it while I was at Uni and it just wasn't the same. Food made from scratch always seems to taste better, whether its pasta sauce, bread, cake, soup... 
We went to the farm shop to get the strawberries and raspberries because they grow them there  - usually we pick our own but we didn't have time. The little box they come in even says 'zero food miles', healthy local food - what more could you want?! 

Up until this post I've been getting most of my images from weheartit, and I've been linking back to there, but I've been feeling a bit bad about it as it means I can't credit the original photographer. So from now on, the plan is to just use my own images - which hopefully will force me to get out there and be creative with my camera. Its funny, once I get back into the mindset I start seeing photographs absolutely everywhere. 

This is my favourite, kinda loving the high contrast & saturation look at the moment. And the colours look so good! Apologies for the really bad quality, I saved all of them as really tiny files by mistake. Oops. 


  1. Yummy fruit salad! Gorgeous colours too. I hear ya on the going bare feet thing, I love feeling the ground when I walk :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah me too! My friends think I'm a bit weird 'cos I always take my shoes off when we've gone for a walk - but you can't beat barefoot feeling!


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