13 June 2011

Its Time To Grow Up & Start Acting Like A Child


Growing up comes with responsibilities - isn't that what we're always told? But no-one talks about the responsibility that you have to yourself. To take care of yourself. Not just your physical self but your mind as well - you have a responsibility to yourself to have fun, to do things you love, to take some time out and BE rather than DO.

Me and some friends on mine went for a walk the other day, we'd planned to cook dinner and watch a movie after a day of revision - but it was gorgeous outside and we wanted to make the most of it. When I was a kid, the first thing I wanted to do when we went somewhere new was explore - that was half the fun. Finding new places, seeing new things. Yet somewhere along the line, this got lost. New places didn't mean exploring, they meant finding new jobs, figuring out how long it would take to walk to school - 'exploring' meant finding ATM's and the nearest place to buy milk.
Now how does it possibly make sense to know less about your environment as an adult than you did as a child?

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do...Explore. Dream. Discover."  - Mark Twain

So we walked further down the road than I'd ever been before. We found pubs that we kinda wished we'd known about, and a gorgeous church. I ran with no shoes on, went down streets just to see what was there, played on swings and made myself dizzy on a roundabout. We argued about which street to take and sat and watched the world go by just because we could. I forgot about everything apart from the moments we were living in. 

We acted like kids, came home after dark, thirsty, tired, with muddy feet and extraordinarily happy. 

So go, get lost, explore, find something new - see everything through the eyes of a child. Just take care of your mind for a bit.


  1. hey vic, thanks for your comment on my blogging tips post, I'm always glad when someone says its helpful.

    Good luck with your blog, it looks great so far and I love your advice in this post, I need to go running in some grass with no shoes and find some swings sometime soon :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate people taking the time to have a look around (:
    Definitely find somewhere to run with no shoes on!


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