17 June 2011

Live Big & Dream Bigger - Summer 2011


I sometimes think I'm too easily inspired. I read about a project that someone's doing and immediately want to try it, I get ideas for photography projects at completely random and inappropriate moments, I read people's blogs and fall in love with what they write about. I find the simplest things totally captivating. 

But then I think, well is this a bad thing? People comment on it, but is it wrong to find the world amazing? To want to try so many different things you know you'll never get time to do them all? Why  shouldn't I love walking barefoot? Why is it so wrong to want to go outside as soon as it starts raining? Is it wrong that sometimes I can't get to sleep because I have so many ideas that I need to write down? 

I think not.

I've changed a lot this year, outwardly at least. Inwardly, not so much - but I've learnt to be myself more, to not care so much what people think of me, to stand up for what I think if right and to just go with what I feel. I want this summer to be about that, I want to be inspired & amazed, to feel free and explore. I want to be enchanted & alive. 

So in typical me fashion...I wrote a list

They say sharing goals makes them more achievable, so I'm sharing some of my summer list with you guys - who knows, I might even give you some ideas! I'm not sharing all of it because its a HUGE list. And some of its pretty boring. So I've just picked some of it; 

* Read all the books on my list - I feel like I've lost my connection to reading the last few months, so I've written a huge list of books I want to read, hopefully I can get through them all before I go back to Uni

 Clear out my room and my stuff. Just, clear some space.

*  Write/start a novel - I've wanted to do this for SO many years, while I have three months off seems a good time to start 

* Bake lots

* Perfect my muffin recipe

* Go for random walks to new places with the dog

* Spend time with family and friends

So there it is, some of the things I'm going to be filling my summer with. I would lovelovelove to hear from you guys if you have any summer goals, or if you have any ideas for me (:

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