01 June 2011

A Mindfood Day

I took a break from revision today. 
I took a whole day off. 
And I pretty much did nothing, all day. At least, by other people's standards it was nothing. 
But to me it was everything. 


Is what today was dedicated to. Now don't get me wrong, I adore my degree, the stuff that I'm learning is fascinating, exciting and amazing. 
But sometimes I need a break from that.  
And thats what today was. 
I discovered some amazing new blogs, read posts that inspired me, filled my head with ideas, made me feel shiny and new. And it made me re-evaluate a few things, gave me things to think about. 
I discovered some amazing photographers, and revisited the photo's of those who I already love. I saw beautiful images, that provoked a real emotional response. 
I looked out the window, and just watched. Watched the world go by. The clouds pass. Was amazed by how much I miss when I'm absorbed in other things.

I fed my mind today, and I feel amazing for it. 

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