03 August 2011

Brainwave! Been really struggling to blog without my laptop (hence blog silence) as its really difficult on my phone. But I've found the Blogger app so I'm happy again - its actually a pretty awesome app, if you have a smartphone & use Blogger you should check it out. Seems slightly ironic that I figure this out the day before I go on holiday, for which my phone will not be accompanying me!
Had some really upsetting news about my camera involving a ridiculous amount of money to get it repaired so I've bitten the bullet and invested in a compact instead for now. Maybe someday I'll be able to justify the spend but at the moment its just not feasible.
Kind of loving the compact though, love having a camera so little that I can constantly have it with me!

On another note... a couple of phone snaps from a charity balloon race I was involved in. Love love love the fact the sky darkened just before the release! The kids thought it was super fun and its been really cool getting all the slips back to see where they ended up!

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  1. You're cameras picked up the bright colours of the balloons so beautifully! And the dark sky just looks perfect with it :) Great snaps


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