17 September 2011

hometown glory

I just realised that there are no people in ANY of these pictures. People do live here, honest. 

I sorted through my completely unorganised  slightly untidy pictures folder yesterday and came across these. Just a few b&w shots of my hometown. I love the way black and white photo's often seem to have like a million times more atmosphere than colour shots.  

Packed the car this afternoon to go back to uni tomorrow. Had to leave my guitar behind which was totally lame but I'll grab it as soon as I can. I've always wanted to be one of those people on a train with a guitar. One thing I did have room for was my mum's old SLR, complete with a load of out of date film. I'm really looking forward to shooting this, as I understand that expired film can be pretty unpredictable. Also, I love getting the envelopes back and seeing what the pictures look like. 
Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

16 September 2011

superglue makes for awesome manicures

Yesterday, I went to visit my nan. One of her tables had broken and in my infinite wisdom I decided I could fix it with superglue. Yeah. After I'd stuck my hand to the table, panicked, accidently squeezed most of the glue over my other hand and stuck that to my arm, I decided that maybe wood glue would have been more appropriate. Cue almost 15 minutes of using a nail file to scrape glue off my skin. On the plus side, Nan found this absolutely hilarious so at least I'm good for comedy value if not for DIY.

On the minus side, I had to work yesterday evening (last shift!) and we're not allowed to wear nail varnish. Now usually, this isn't a problem but the area manager was in yesterday so everything had to be by the book. Trying to get nail varnish off when its covered in superglue IS NOT FUN. Or quick. In fact its pretty close to impossible.  So y'know, if you ever try to fix a chair with superglue, get it all over your hands and are wearing nail varnish - try taking it off 5 minutes before you need to leave. Or join the exclusive club for crazy people who run to work with bits of cotton wool still stuck to their nails. I've tagged this post as 'idiotic'. I have a feeling it'll be one of the biggest categories. Oops.

In other news, I finally got my camera back! This makes me crazy happy, I love my little compact but my SLR is definitely my one and only. I was starting to panic that I wouldn't get it back in time for my move back to uni. And then I would have died. Literally. Well, not really but I would have been really sad. The skies have been beautiful these past few days and I really missed having it around. Is that weird?

11 September 2011

a change of scenery

The new look has been a labour of love, it was kinda what I wanted when I did the last redesign but I got really impatient and just threw something together over a weekend! This has been a real learning curve, the link to the template I used is at the bottom of the blog but I had to learn a bit about html and css to really get it looking how I wanted it. I'm absolutely love it now.

Also, I move back to Uni next week, I can't believe how fast the summer has gone! I'm kinda excited about moving into an actual house rather than living in halls again, it wasn't the best year I've ever had! It'll be nice to have somewhere that feels a little more like home and a room that be a little more 'me'! My blanket won't be finished before I go, but hopefully it won't take too much longer (over halfway there!) I really want to have a corner of my room thats like a little reading nook, something thats nothing to do with studying but just a nice little chill out space. I love this:

Easy Kids' Tent / Reading Nook

...but I think I'm going to have to make do without the teepee! I'll see what I can find in charity shops when I'm out and about. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

10 September 2011

around the web...

...can be found some pretty cool stuff, and some stuff that is just downright AMAZING. This week I discovered a series of photographs by a photographer that I've never heard of before - and then totally wished that he'd completed this project 3 years earlier so I could have been this inspired when I was studying photography. The series is called Day to Night and the photographer Stephen Wilkes. This series aims to capture an entire day in New York in just one shot. He spent up to 10 hours on each shot, staying in the same place to capture the same scene time and time again. The resultant images are absolutely breathtaking. 

Beautiful: The photographer snapped Washington Square Park, left, with the Empire State Building in the background and the Flatiron Building, right

Winter time: A snowy Central Park is shown from dawn on the left to darkness on the right. In the background is Central Park West

These are my two favourites, I love the energy in the first shot, and how the contrast between night and day is really clear but not so stark as to look like two pictures spliced together. The second one is a lot more subtle, but is a beautiful image. You can find the rest of the images on his website: under fine art, night and day. Enjoy!

08 September 2011

Wednesday In Progress

I thought it would be kinda fun to start a (semi) regular post about bits and bobs that I'm currently working on. I know a couple of people who read this are crafty sorts and I really enjoy reading about what they're working on - so I thought I'd start something pretty similar.

To kick it all off, I'm pretty excited about this new project that I have the potential to get involved in. It kind of all came about by accident, but basically my step-aunt has been knitting scarves and selling them at craft fairs and such for quite a while now, currently its just her but she's starting to sell faster than she can knit and could really do with an extra pair of hands - or needles! The scarves are beautiful, and the wool is seriously gorgeous. I want one in pretty much every colour I've seen her use, even though I already have like 10 million scarves. I'll have to double check what wool it is she uses, but its the strangest type of yarn I've ever used!

When I first saw it, I didn't actually associate it with the scarves that she'd been knitting. It looks kinda like really thick shoelaces, but its really, really soft. The scarves are knitted with just seven stitches per row, and casting on is a bit strange because you just put your needles through the holes in the wool until you have enough stitches.

Knitting is similarly odd, instead of wrapping the wool around the right hand needle, you use the right hand needle to 'pick up' a stitch by inserting the needle through one of the holes nearest the top of the yarn, about an inch away from where the last stitch was created. It was really slow to start off with while I was getting used to it but once I'd got the hang of it then it knitted up pretty quickly.

As you knit, the wool unravels and the scarf gets longer, I'm told that once you've finished it and its hung for a little while, the wool unravels completely so it forms complete ruffles. I can kinda see it happening with what I've knitted already - the scarf is wider and the ruffles looser at the bottom.

Note: I honestly did mean to post this on wednesday...but blogger wouldn't let me!
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