10 September 2011

around the web...

...can be found some pretty cool stuff, and some stuff that is just downright AMAZING. This week I discovered a series of photographs by a photographer that I've never heard of before - and then totally wished that he'd completed this project 3 years earlier so I could have been this inspired when I was studying photography. The series is called Day to Night and the photographer Stephen Wilkes. This series aims to capture an entire day in New York in just one shot. He spent up to 10 hours on each shot, staying in the same place to capture the same scene time and time again. The resultant images are absolutely breathtaking. 

Beautiful: The photographer snapped Washington Square Park, left, with the Empire State Building in the background and the Flatiron Building, right

Winter time: A snowy Central Park is shown from dawn on the left to darkness on the right. In the background is Central Park West

These are my two favourites, I love the energy in the first shot, and how the contrast between night and day is really clear but not so stark as to look like two pictures spliced together. The second one is a lot more subtle, but is a beautiful image. You can find the rest of the images on his website: under fine art, night and day. Enjoy!

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  1. These are so cool, love the first one especially. Thanks for sharing! x


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