17 September 2011

hometown glory

I just realised that there are no people in ANY of these pictures. People do live here, honest. 

I sorted through my completely unorganised  slightly untidy pictures folder yesterday and came across these. Just a few b&w shots of my hometown. I love the way black and white photo's often seem to have like a million times more atmosphere than colour shots.  

Packed the car this afternoon to go back to uni tomorrow. Had to leave my guitar behind which was totally lame but I'll grab it as soon as I can. I've always wanted to be one of those people on a train with a guitar. One thing I did have room for was my mum's old SLR, complete with a load of out of date film. I'm really looking forward to shooting this, as I understand that expired film can be pretty unpredictable. Also, I love getting the envelopes back and seeing what the pictures look like. 
Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Love the last shot, it's so moody. Very jealous of your old SLR and film. Looking forward to seeing the pics! Have a great weekend x


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