16 September 2011

superglue makes for awesome manicures

Yesterday, I went to visit my nan. One of her tables had broken and in my infinite wisdom I decided I could fix it with superglue. Yeah. After I'd stuck my hand to the table, panicked, accidently squeezed most of the glue over my other hand and stuck that to my arm, I decided that maybe wood glue would have been more appropriate. Cue almost 15 minutes of using a nail file to scrape glue off my skin. On the plus side, Nan found this absolutely hilarious so at least I'm good for comedy value if not for DIY.

On the minus side, I had to work yesterday evening (last shift!) and we're not allowed to wear nail varnish. Now usually, this isn't a problem but the area manager was in yesterday so everything had to be by the book. Trying to get nail varnish off when its covered in superglue IS NOT FUN. Or quick. In fact its pretty close to impossible.  So y'know, if you ever try to fix a chair with superglue, get it all over your hands and are wearing nail varnish - try taking it off 5 minutes before you need to leave. Or join the exclusive club for crazy people who run to work with bits of cotton wool still stuck to their nails. I've tagged this post as 'idiotic'. I have a feeling it'll be one of the biggest categories. Oops.

In other news, I finally got my camera back! This makes me crazy happy, I love my little compact but my SLR is definitely my one and only. I was starting to panic that I wouldn't get it back in time for my move back to uni. And then I would have died. Literally. Well, not really but I would have been really sad. The skies have been beautiful these past few days and I really missed having it around. Is that weird?

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