31 October 2011

home for the weekend

This weekend is the first time I've been home since this semester started. Coming home for me is like my reset button - I'm always less stressed when I come back. Also, I like to take pictures out of train windows, even though they're ALWAYS blurry.

24 October 2011

music monday

It makes me really happy when I can use alliteration in post titles. Does that make me weird? Probably.

I have a really random taste in music, in fact sometimes I'm not even sure I have a 'taste' in music because I pretty much like it all. That said, I do believe there are two types of music. There's the music that you enjoy listening to, the everyday stuff. Then there's the music that forces a response from you, makes you feel something, gives you goosebumps and has the power to make you cry. The first time I listened to this piece it gave me goosebumps. Like seriously, its amazing. Their whole album, is absolutely amazing. Excuse me whilst I go buy a cello...

23 October 2011

a crazy week

This week has seemed pretty absolutely mental. Loads of stuff's been going on, I've been trying to do a million different things, and I turned 20. Which is somewhat scary - 20 seems an awful lot older than 19, I think its the lack of 'teen' at the end, but I had an awesome day. I was kinda dreading having labs on my birthday but we got to plant grass and play with dirt so I was happy.

The weathers been a bit weird here the last few weeks.

14 October 2011

Five For Friday

1 & 2. This sunset out of my bedroom window.

3. Me & R got up early and snuck around the house to make M a cake & decorate for his birthday.

4. This courtyard at Uni makes me think of Hogwarts. 

5. Thrift bargain. I'm not entirely sure why I have such a thing about lanterns at the moment, but I'm going with it.

Have a great weekend (: x

13 October 2011

falling back in love

Getting my essay on. I love the fact that my desk is under my skylight.

So, on monday evening, a group of us went to a lecture held by the natural history society. It blew me away. The lecture was called 'The evolutionary strategies that shape ecosystems' which also happens to be the title of the book that the guest speaker has co-authored. The author is a hugely important British ecologist, who has done some really important work in his field. But that isn't really the point of this post.

His talk was incredibly interesting from an ecological point of view, but it was also incredibly inspiring for me as a student. Don't get me wrong, I love my degree. I love uni, I love being here and I love learning. But sometimes I do question myself, I wonder whether its all going to be worth it in the end. I read articles about graduate unemployment and it worries me. Everyone you speak to seems to know someone who has graduated and can't find work - myself included. I think sometimes as students we get so caught up in the details that we stop paying attention to the bigger picture - to our dreams, our goals, the reason we started doing this in the first place.

Listening to this professor last night made me stop questioning myself, it made me fall back IN love. With my plans for the future, with my subject and with what I want from my life.I think its a trap that we can all fall into, those of us who are lucky enough to be doing what we love - we grow complacent. We stop appreciating how incredibly fortunate we are, to be in this positon where we are able to actually act upon our dreams.

Every now and again, maybe we should pause. Think. Appreciate.

12 October 2011

Wednesday In Progress: Holiday Book

So I have this obession liking, for nice notebooks. Its quite weird, I buy them and then don't use them because I don't want to ruin them. Crazy right? I have quite the collection and my friends have pretty much banned me from stationary shops, I have to sneak in whilst they're not paying attention or run away while they're not looking. Its a terribly sad situation. Anyways, I found this gorgeous notebook in Paperchase over the summer, which I obviously had to have. Its like a travel journal, it has little plastic pockets for tickets and stuff and sleeves to put random bits of paper & stuff. And pictures of cameras, on every page. All in all, its pretty awesome. 

It was also pretty different from my usual notebook purchases because I planned on actually using it. I know, mental. See, I love scrapbooking but I find it incredibly time consuming. So I decided to strip it back to the basics and just go with pictures and journalling. This notebook was perfect - in fact, paperchase do loads of notebooks in this sort of style that would be perfect for this sort of thing. I use non-acidic double sides tape to fix my pictures in, I find that glue either doesn't stick properly or makes the pages all wrinkle up and look funny. Tape holds perfectly and you don't need much of it at all so a roll lasts a pretty long time. 

I'm about halfway through the holiday that me and my family took this summer and I'm so pleased with how its turning out. Progress has slowed since I've been back at Uni, but I'm hoping to have it finished within the next couple of weeks. I've also got another couple of projects that I've been working on that I'll be sharing with you shortly - keep an eye out!

09 October 2011

Bits & Bobs

Okay, so this post was totally inspired by Meredith, I adore her blog & love her this & that posts. If you've never stopped by her place - you should go. Right now.

A shopping trip with my mum this weekend made me fall in love with knitted fingerless handwarmers, I had some yarn hanging around that I thought would be absolutely perfect so I've decided to make my own. Its the first time I've knitted something to wear from scratch with no pattern so I'm kinda excited to see how they turn out!

I also finally got around to finishing a project that I'd been wanting to try ever since I started thinking about how to decorate my new room. I wanted to indulge my love of fake polaroids without having to actually stick things to my walls and this is what I came up with - so simple but I love it! I'm planning a little DIY about this next week so stay tuned.

ps: I also got twitter this week!  

07 October 2011

Five For Friday

I've kinda missed this post, but hello internet!
The last couple of weeks have been pretty awesome, we've moved into our little house (more on that soon) , started back at Uni and finally got everything sorted out so we feel kinda like grown ups. Sort of.

1. The first proper meal in our house. It was spaghetti bolognese and awesome. 

2. The view out of my skylight. Love. 

3. This city + sun = awesome. 

4. We started painting a gnome, whilst eating melted chocolate. Seriously, we are the coolest students. 

5. I get to live with 2 of my best friends. This makes me like, seriously happy. And my life awesome, because of all our random adventures. 

Hope everyone's had a great week!

04 October 2011

breaking radio silence

It has become apparent to me in the last 16 days (not that I'm counting or anything) that university life and lack of internet is not the best combination in the world. We moved into our house 16 days ago, and we thought we'd have internet last wednesday, but alas, it was not to be. Our entire afternoon spent checking the window every 5 minutes to see if the engineer had arrived was pretty much a waste of time.

It also occured to me that 16 days is a long time to be cut off from the blogosphere. Which may or may not make me a very sad person. It may also lead to me finding a remote corner in the library from which to blog whilst avoiding evil stares from other students who wish to use the computer for like, work or something. It has given me time to think about the blog though and where I want it to go, so expect some new stuff once I'm back up and running.

Hopefully I'll be reconnected to the 21st century internet on thursday, which will awesome.

The weathers been pretty crazy here, its like summer. I mean, it was warmer here than it was in LA. Found the most amazing app for my phone the other day that has lomography-style filters - been trying it out and am completely in love with it. I guess its kinda like instagram but for those of us who don't have an iPhone.  Snapped this in the park the other day when we were walking to lectures. The apps called little photo if anyone's interested (and its free!)
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