23 October 2011

a crazy week

This week has seemed pretty absolutely mental. Loads of stuff's been going on, I've been trying to do a million different things, and I turned 20. Which is somewhat scary - 20 seems an awful lot older than 19, I think its the lack of 'teen' at the end, but I had an awesome day. I was kinda dreading having labs on my birthday but we got to plant grass and play with dirt so I was happy.

The weathers been a bit weird here the last few weeks.


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! I know what you mean about it feeling older, it seems like such a huge jump :P

  2. I'm going to turn 20 in two days, so I know exactly how you're feeling. No longer teenager! *sigh*

    Anyway, happy birthday! :D

  3. Lovely pictures! And Happy Birthday (even if it's a bit late) :)



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