10 November 2011

Kindle Lovin'

I've seen a lot of debate around the web recently regarding kindles and other e-readers, some folks seem to love them and others seem to hate them. I was kinda anti when I first heard about them. I mean, they're not books. And I love books. Ergo - I don't like digital imposters that pretend to be books. Only, apparently I do.

Yes, they aren't books, obvs. And it is a completely different reading experience, there's no pages, no book smell, no random bits of paper between the pages, no scribbles where someone else has read it before you. But for me, both as a student and as a lover of fiction - its pretty much perfect. Its so light that I can keep it in my bag pretty much all of the time, and as I've put a lot of the required reading material for my course on it  the odd half hours between lectures can actually be used pretty productively. It takes a little bit of fiddling sometimes to fit scientific journal articles on the screen at a size that's comfortable to read but I've not yet found something that I can't read. The only problem I've encountered so far is that graphs with different coloured lines are a little bit confusing!

Love love the fact that I can have a whole series of books with me at once - I never have to wait to start the next one and this makes me happy. Also, reading mega books doesn't make my wrists hurt - yes, this is an important point.

All in all, the kindle is awesome (IMO) and a really useful tool for students - and also I guess other people who are on the move a lot.


  1. I love my Kindle :) I still buy books, but only books I love. Everything else gets read on my Kindle. I don't like putting science papers on it though, I must admit I use the iBooks app on the iPad for that. They stay in colour that way, and the screen of the iPad is suited to A4 PDFs.

  2. Argh! I was having this debate with myself today - can I love a Kindle? It really isn't a book and I agree with all of little points you made about the awesomeness of books but then I think of the convenience (as you also mentioned). It's so hard! I want one but it feels like I'm cheating on books!! Help me :'(


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