21 December 2011

i do love to be beside the seaside

At the end of November I went to visit one of my best friends at uni, the weather was gorgeous and we pretty much spent a whole morning wandering around the beach & eating fish and chips. They were Harry Ramsdens - and guys, they seriously are the most awesome fish and chips. Ever. We were busy catching up (read talking nonsense at each other) so I didn't take too many pictures but these were a few of them that I really liked. I kinda wanted to go up in the balloon but it was really expensive. Sad times.

Technically...I wasn't really supposed to be at a railway station whilst the sun was setting...but then I wasn't really supposed to be at this particular station at all. I am an absolute master of getting on the wrong train and ending up somewhere I'm not supposed to be. Luckily I have awesome people who I can phone when I inevitably end up in the wrong place. And it was kinda worth it for the sunset, almost.


  1. I spent so much of my childhood in harry ramsdens as a child ( as sad as that sounds) but then they shut it down :( awesome pictures!

  2. I love these, they make me wish I had some sun, warmth, ocean right now!!

  3. Thanks guys!
    Abigail - when I was small there was the most amazing fish and chip shop at the pier in my hometown, I was heartbroken when it closed!

  4. I really really love that top photo! It's amazing :-)


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