12 January 2012

21 before 21

This is an idea I've seen in quite a few places around the blogosphere, and it appeals to me so much more than the traditional 'bucket list'. So many people write lists of things they want to acheive, places they want to go and things they want to try in their lifetimes - but so many seem to just put it to one side and come back to it 'later'. 
The problem however, with later, is that it never quite gets here! 

My next birthday however, will get here (this is assuming, of course that the world doesn't end this year). So I've written a list of 21 things that I'd like to achieve before I turn 21. Some of them are small things, some of them are silly things and some of them are more serious - like, don't mess my exams up and fail my degree. I think its important to have goals like this, things that you want to do as well as things you need to do. And I love writing lists. They're in my filofax (of course) because its the best thing ever & its nice to have them somewhere where I see them regularly.

You can't see all of them in the pictures so I've listed them all here:

1. Open an Etsy shop
2. Finish all the craft projects I've started since I've turned 20. 
3. Pass my second year of Uni
4. Make bread from scratch
5. Visit somewhere new
6. Run 300 miles. 
7. Learn to quilt
8. Get some of my typography art printed and hung on the wall
9. Sell one of my photos
10. Sell something knitted
11. Host a dinner party
12. Go on a proper picnic outing 
13. Join a society
14. Read 50 books
15. Go to a concert
16. See a play
17. Keep blogging
18. Take at least one good photo a week
19. Make a heart garland for my room
20. Try out 21 new baking recipes -
21. Go geocaching at least once

I'm going to put these up on a separate page on the blog so I can keep track of how I'm doing. Do any of you guys do anything like this? Link me to yours, I'd love to read them! 


  1. As your housemate, coursemate and friend, I believe its my duty, nay, my ambition to help you achieve some of these things. And no, I don't mean stuff like turning the pages of 50 books for you, or buy something knitted off you. But we should totally hold a dinner party, or all go to see a play/band play. Unless these are things you want to do on your own, in which case, I will volunteer to try the freshly baked bread :D

  2. OH NUMBER 9! I BOUGHT A SCARF! Or is it starting from now? (:

  3. Also; you and your bloody blog giving me ideas for things to do to make my life less mundane. Now I have to make a list and everything. :P


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