05 January 2012

friday favourites

I used to write a weekly post of my five favourite things that happened that week and publish it every Friday. This fell by the wayside a while back because I felt like I was just putting a different spin on something I'd already written about. Which is all very well but not very interesting. I still really like the idea of having a regular theme however, so I've come up with something different:

Lately I've been feeling like I'm stuck in a bit of a rut whenever I pick my camera up. I'm conscious that I've slipped back into semi-manual shooting when previously, I'd started to really get the hang of shooting completely manually. I loved the buzz that came with looking at something I was really pleased with and knowing that I made that image. Me. Not the fairy inside my camera that decides the settings by itself. I'm also becoming aware that I'm settling for the obvious shot, the usual angle and the same-old composition. And to be honest, I'm a little bored of it. So in a bid to get my photo-mojo back I'm going to be posting my favourite picture/s that I've taken that week every Friday. Which A) means I actually have to take pictures every week and B) means they have to be good enough for me to be ok with putting them on here. This will be a challenge people.

These mini-jam tarts are the best thing ever. And they only take 20 mins to make! And they make the absolute perfect revision snacks. I really like jam tarts.

Do you want to take part in Favourite Friday? Leave a link in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out!


  1. Vic your new layout looks SO. GOOD! Well done! Seriously - I can't believe you did it yourself!! and I LOVE the idea of posting photos every friday - you should make a button! I would totally link up with you ;)

    Have a great weekend! x

  2. Those look if only I could bake! New to your blog and have enjoyed hangin' out here. Have a happy weekend :D

  3. Ah I know how you feel, when I got my camera the point of it was so I could learn more about manual settings, except I usually can't be bothered to faff around with it and I expect a perfect picture to come out automatically, which TOTALLY defeats the purpose... Rage. So I'm looking forward to your photo friday :)

    Also your blog is looking fantastic!

  4. Thanks so much! Lauren I will definitely create a button for next week - linking up would be fab!

    Abigail - I'm exactly the same, I got really good and then kinda stopped doing it.


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