09 January 2012

Letting go of time

Letting go of time by IrenaS
Letting go of time, a photo by IrenaS on Flickr.

Please just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this image. Okay?

Now click the link in the caption and go spend an hour of your life dying over these images. You will not regret this. Promise.

There are some truly inspirational artists on flickr. I say artists because I believe that photography is an art. Photography. Not taking pictures, anyone can do that. Photography is different. Photography is composition and lighting and shutter speeds and aperture settings. Photography is thought and care.  Photography is seeing something extraordinary in something mundane. 

And thats exactly what Irena Suchoki does, turn something average into something beautiful. Her floral set is exquisite, both the images themselves and the post production. I love the pastel, dreamy look - but sometimes it can look too 'done'. Also, she describes her pictures as 'eye poetry'. I'm sold. 

 I want to buy lots of her prints and cover my walls in them.  Or climb inside one of her pictures and live there. Either option is valid. 

I also really want to try creating the same vibe with some of my own stuff, it'll be a challenge to get the processing right but I think it'll be fun. Stay tuned!

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