30 January 2012

week off inspiration

This week has been a little crazy, I had my last two exams on Tuesday and Thursday so I basically spent all of my time either with my head stuck in a book or having exam themed question time with M & R. Fun times! Friday was spent watching the European Figure Skating Championships with mum, which was absolutely phenomenal, such a beautiful sport. I was quite literally mesmerised for an entire 8 hours. I've come back home for a while before lectures start up again and I'm quite excited at the prospect of having large quantities of free time!

There's a shedload of things I would like to get done this week, most of which just won't get done because there are only so many hours in the day, but there are quite a few I'd like to make a start on/crack on with. I'm a really visual person, so I've made up a little 'inspiration board' for the next few weeks to give me a bit of focus for my 'down time'. Its not so much of an issue this week because lectures haven't started, but I can be pretty bad at not taking time to do the things I really enjoy when I'm studying.
123456/ 789

1,6 and 7 are all inspiration for digital scrapbooks, I really want to get round to getting some of my pictures off of my hard-drive and into print. Only I'm not a massive fan of just having photo albums - I like having a few words to explain certain things or there are some pictures that I want to include but I don't want them 'full size'. I love Elise's style of, well, everything. Seriously that lady has talent. She has a knack for keeping things incredibly simple but stylish, which is exactly the kind of design I love. Eventually I'd like to scan in all of our family albums and condense them into digital scrapbooks/photobooks but that is a much longer job! I think I'm going to start making a few pages a month of my favourite images - kind of like a photojournal. I think once I've created a few basic templates on photoshop I'll just be able to change up the images so it shouldn't be too time consuming (she says...)

2 I found via Pinterest (totally obsessed) , I checked out the Etsy shop but they were a little pricey for my budget, I've been looking for some ways to brighten up my room at uni and I think these would be really cute if I could figure out how to do them properly. I'm not sure how I'd feel about cutting up a book, but maybe if I got hold of an old damaged one from a charity shop or something it'd be okay.

3 may be the cutest pair of legwarmers I've seen this year, I'm not usually a fan because they're always bulky and I never want to stretch my boots but these would be really fine if I used the right wool. I'm kinda digging the knee high socks thing at the moment - so warm! - so these would be perfect. And I'm weird and like knitting stuff in the round. Did I mention it was a free pattern? Awesome.

4 is my current knitting project, its super-cute and really different for me. I've never, ever, ever worn a shawl but I'm using the wool thats left over from my cardigan (I'll share soon) so I'm not really going to have lost anything if it doesn't work out right. So far its coming along pretty well, the rows are 100 stitches so they're pretty long but the wools fairly chunky so its working up quite quickly. I'm not a massive pink-person so its in cream, but it works really well. Although its probably gonna be a nightmares to keep clean, its a good job I knit with acrylic.

5 is the result of a COMPLETE change in direction. I've frogged the blanket. Completely. I laid it out again, realised I hated it and so I decided to abandon ship. I don't feel like its a complete waste of time, it got me back into knitting and gave me a chance to practice loads of different stitch patterns. It just wasn't, together enough for me. I like things to be co-ordinated and matching. So I'm saving some of the green squares to make a blanket for my nan for her birthday, I'm thinking that these leaf patterns would make really lovely corner border squares. Not really sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the squares, at the moment I've got space to hang onto them so I guess I'll see what happens.

I completely fell in love with the workspace in 8, I'd love to be able to have an inspiration board right in front of me when I'm working - I love my window to pieces but sometimes staring at the rain can be somewhat, uninspiring!

The last quote I just fell in love with, I've really gotten back into running recently and I'm absolutely loving it. I know a lot of people hate it, but for me its the best way to keep in shape. It takes a little while to get to the point where you can run for long enough for it to seem worth it, but in my opinion its totally worth sticking to.  Apart from decent shoes (which I highly reccommend) its an incredibly cheap workout and a really good way of getting to know your local neighbourhood. Especially if you're like me and have NO sense of direction. Whatsoever.

This is a massive post, so thankyou for taking the time to read all of it! For those who are interested, I create my inspiration boards in photoshop and I use clipping masks to make everything the same shape and size!


  1. those tights with those boots are SO cute! love the scrapbooks too!

  2. Aren't they? I can't wait to finish them! I have a feeling they'll never get taken off...


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