21 February 2012

my weekend totally ends on monday night

Its true, the way everythgns worked out this semester I have no lectures on a Monday, which stretches the weekend out beautifully. Its been a quiet one here, studying, knitting, hanging out with friends and finishing it all off with a quiet one at the pub last night. My kind of weekend. That said, its been a pretty productive one too...

You may remember that I mentioned I was knitting a shawl? Which I finished on Friday. Decided I didn't like on Saturday and had unravelled the whole thing by Sunday. I loved it but, it just didn't sit right or anything, I should really have accounted for the fact that I'm short and adjusted the width but...I didn't. However, its kind of worked out really well - I was sorting through my stash and found the perfect shade of red to go with it, so I'm knitting it up into a baggy sweater instead.

I've also cast on some legwarmers and a cowl this weekend, I love the look of thick knitted socks under boots but I really hate knitting socks for some reason - so legwarmers are the perfect! The cowl was an attempt to use up some yarn I was given a few months ago and it was a really simple project to take along to the KnitSoc meeting so I could concentrate more on talking than keeping track of where I was in a pattern! I'm so glad I decided to go along, its really nice to just chill out on a Sunday afternoon with a cuppa and a whole bunch of people that share my a love for knitting and the Hunger Games. Its like, my perfect combination.

I've been wanting a white board for a while, so I can keep a list of the important stuff I need to get done somewhere that I'll see it. Everytime I see them anywhere though, they just seem expensive for what they are - so I decided to make up my own. It was super easy - its just an old photo frame with white paper inside hung up on the wall. Normal white-board markers work really well and it comes off really easily with a damp cloth. I already had a frame hanging around but I've seen loads in charity stores with old paintings etc in that are really cheap - I'm tempted to make another one for our kitchen! It would probably be better than writing our shopping lists on the window...


  1. You're like my dreamboat.. person. I really want to read the Hunger Games because I am so sick of being out of the loop. I love how much you knit and love knitting ha too cool for school. I also like (and by like I mean am deeply and truly in love with) the red and white jumper combo. If I pay you $1, will you make me a jumper?! Pretty pretty please. I only say a dollar because I'm broke and that's really all I can afford at the moment. ALSO! Lovely pics :-) Seriously I love this post (and I'm not too sure why besides it just being lovely) and yeah, I like seeing yo shit pop up on my feed. Yeeeah. I'm going to stop spamming the crap out of your comment box now haha. X

    1. I totally just emailed you, like a second before you commented! Weird... READ THE HUNGER GAMES!! Haha, but seriously, READ THEM.

      Knitting is totally cool, the cool kids just haven't realised this yet. Give them time and they will...

      You're too sweet! And your comments make me die everytime. Every. Time. So you can spam my comment box whenever you feel like it ;) x


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