04 March 2012

March #photoaday Update 1

Sharing these pictures is going to be really simple - once a week on a sunday.  I'm 4 days in and I'm loving it, absolutely loving it. So here goes...

1. Up 
One of the buildings I have lectures in, its the tallest university-owned building in the UK and has the worlds largest paternoster lift - pretty cool huh?

2. Fruit
This is an apple. I'm eating the apple.  It was a pretty good apple.

3. Your neighbourhood
The weather was literally perfect for this prompt!

4. Bedside
Those would be fairy lights in a jar, its way cheaper than buying a bedside lamp!


  1. I <3 that you have joined in feb photo a day! that is so fab, can't wait to see your piccies, so far they are awesome.
    xo Emilie

    1. Thanks! I'm loving it so far!

  2. So lovely :) The street photography is really good and I love that thing what you are knitting on. Makes me want to do the same! I haven't knitted in ages!

    1. thanks! I love knitting, its so, so relaxing! The only downside is that it can get a little expensive :(

  3. Your bedside pic is very pretty :) I love the depth of it

    The tall building had me hit with a big wave of nausea.. I'm so weird about heights!

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered my giveaway?

    1. Thankyou (: I've never known anyone to be affected by a picture before - sorry!

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