11 March 2012

march #photoaday update 2

Still loving this. Some days it worked out more practical to just use my phone - like when I suddenly realised it was 5pm & when insomnia drove me to an early morning walk. I'm not gonna beat myself up over not using my SLR, the whole point of this is to catch the little moments right?

So, in order...

 8. Window - This is the view if I half climb out of my loft window. Yes this was scary. And I was slightly convinced that I was going to drop my camera, but the view is pretty amazing!
 9. Red - R gave me the leftover napkins that he bought for his anniversary so I made bunting. Its cute and crappy and I love it.
5. A smile - This misty sunrise.
 7 .Something you wore - I love that every single bead on this bracelet has a memory to go along with it.
10.Loud - This is a total lie. I'm really paranoid about losing my hearing so I usually keep my headphone volume really low. But if I wanted to play my music loud...
 6. 5pm - This was a really good 5pm!

Are any of you doing this? How are you finding it? I'm really curious to find out how other people are approaching it!


  1. I really like the view out of your window, it looks amazing! Do you live directly under the roof?
    Ben and Jerry's is one of the best manufactured icecream in the world! Yummy!

  2. I really like the misty sunrise photograph..

  3. I'm loving that your loving this, because I'm kind of loving this :) And yes, that looks like a pretty awesome 5pm!

  4. I really have fallen in love with that neighborhood of yours! And you even have a loft? In an old colonial building like this? You should through a dinner party there at once!


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