09 April 2012

easter break 1: spring walks

I needed to break in my boots properly before I head off to Ireland, Zak was more than happy to keep me company and we've spent a good few hours wandering about in the last week (obviously with my camera). He gets a bit bored if I stop too long to take pictures, but sometimes he's happy to look at the scenery with me! I know its terribly cliched, but I really do love springtime flowers - something about the way they brighten the woods up makes me smile. It doesn't matter how many times I say that I'm going to stop shooting flowers... I never do!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend xo


  1. GORGEOUS! I want to go! :) And your puppy. ADORABLE!

  2. Awesome boots and photography! And your dog is a cutie pie :)

  3. Your photography is unreal! Do you have a D.A account? You should defiantly upload them on there.

    1. Thankyou, such a sweet comment! I don't! I used to, but I started getting really annoyed with having to categorise everything everytime I uploaded it! I do have flickr though - the links on my sidebar!


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