27 April 2012

friday favourites #13

Is it a portrait if its not of someones face? I really like pictures of hands, in some ways they're more intimate than a standard portrait. This was taken on the ferry over to Ireland and was completely accidental. Funny how sometimes those accidental shots can turn out so well!

My weekend plans consist of reading, revision, hen night planning, knitting and wrapping up a few loose ends. Kicking it off tonight with some classic Disney movies and a cocktail (or two!) Have a fabulous weekend! (: xo


  1. This is a really cool photo. It's so unconventional with so much negative space, but yet the hands for the two persons are very noticeable. (It makes me wonder what they are saying to each other :) Love it!

  2. You're so amazing. I love this. It's incredibly beautiful! Your photography really is improving all the time! That also sounds like my kind of night. :) X

  3. This is such an amazing photograph. I've always had a special place in my heart for black and white photographs.

    1. Thankyou (: I'm the same - there's something thats classic and timeless about black and white photographs. Especially of people, I just prefer them!


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