17 April 2012

my environment: Jasmine

Hey guys! I'm a bit reluctant to introduce you to Jasmine because she's awesome and I kinda want to keep her to myself...Haha! I'm kidding, she's great and you should definitely go and check out her blog! Enjoy! xo

Hello lovely readers! *vigorous wave*
My name is Jasmine and I blog over at For My Grandfather. When Vic told me about the topic for this post I pooped my pants. Not literally - cool your jets. There was some serious stressing though! Vic is crazy into her degree and I didn't want to feel like I was letting her down. But alas, of course I was going to. Why?

Because I know shit about the environment.

Bit awkward. In all honesty though, I'm not very clue-y about a lot of things and the environment is one of them. So I started thinking, okay the natural environment is not my area of expertise. So, what floats my boat? Man-made structures. I really enjoy architecture and what the unnaturally constructed environment tells us about human kind.

In terms of the actual logistics of architecture and engineering, I got nothing. I'd like to be able to understand it  but I don't think I have it in me. What interests me the most is what it tells us about us. I recently went away for the weekend  (there'll be a post about this coming up on my blog shortly!) and was blown away by the view from the place we stayed. In all honesty, the picture you see below is NOT the one I originally intended for this post. But it struck me as being so beautiful and perfect for what I love about the environment. This jetty was a neighbouring jetty at the back of the property we stayed at...

It's stunning. This picture is unedited too! It was so calming and picturesque. Sitting on my little jetty and looking at this guy I realised that at some point in time, people realised they wanted to access more. They needed to extend their reach and place themselves where normally, humans clearly just can't stand. The jetty invades this body of water and it remains there, unwavering and as an indicator of the unquenchable desire to expand our horizons. On a slightly different note, a place I find exquisitely beautiful is the local cemetery. An area has been designated to hold the remains of those who have gone before us. A huge expanse of land has been cleared, it gets dug up and then a headstone is placed on the plot of ground to signify that someone lies here. I am unnaturally interested in cemeteries and the stories they tell. I am fascinated with the lives of people who have gone before us.

So what is my favourite part of the environment? The parts of the environment that we have changed, for whatever reason. The parts that reflect the human nature. The parts that we sometimes take for granted and overlook. But mostly the parts that tell a story.
Happy environmenting!
Jas xx

Sometimes its nice to have a reminder that we are just as much a part of the environment as anything else. I love getting out and away from all traces of civilisation but I also love great architecture - there's a place for both! 


  1. Great post, Jas! I love the cemeteries in Oz. They are so pretty and look so old :)

  2. I am this series, friend. Like its nobody's business. You're welcome for the 90's slang.

  3. I am scared to death by cemeteries especially in the night!
    Why in hell to go in a cemetery in the nigh you may ask. I haven't gone either, the thought of it gives me the chills! :D

  4. Yes Jasmine is pretty awesome! And this was pretty awesome as well! And that cemetery!? That's actually beautiful! Our cemeteries don't look like that, at all...they're kind of boring to be honest. But oh well, I loved your post Jasmine!

  5. Hi, I just came across your blog, and I like it!
    I made myself your newest follower ;)



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