15 April 2012

my environment - Millie

Hey guys! The second of my field trip guest bloggers is Millie, she's a fellow stationary addict and her blog is a fantastic read! I highly recommend her Tuesday links if your love discovering new things around the web (: Enjoy! xo 

Hi all! I’m Millie, and I blog over at Planet Millie. Like Vic, I also studied an environmental degree at university, and I now work in the conservation sector. When Vic told me the theme for her guest posts, I was very excited. There are so many things I love about the environment – how would I pick something to write about? The answer hit me a few hours later: I will write about sunsets. Those of you that know me from my blog may already know that I collect sunset photos. However, I rarely show the photos and I don’t really share anything about this strange hobby! I’ve always loved sunsets. I love the rich colours that fill the sky. Through my jobs I’ve had the opportunity to compare sunsets and sunrises whilst in the middle of nowhere surveying things, and I think that sunsets are the better of the two events. The shift to darkness reveals a whole sequence of colours, and finally ends with a deep blue and the first stars of the night. It’s a lovely, still time.

The first sunset photo I ever saved was taken in 2004. I was 17 at the time, and sailing around the Mediterranean. We were sailing around the volcanic island of Stromboli (which was doing its usual rumblings) and most of the time my view was focussed on this. I actually took the photo because there was a small sailing boat silhouetted against the sky, and I was struck by how picturesque the view was, but afterwards, I decided to file it separately in my photos and my strange new hobby was born!

I usually take quite a few photos of any sunset I’m photographing, and decide afterwards which part of the sunset I preferred. I save my sunset photos in a specific folder on my computer, and label them with the location and date. I only save one photo per sunset. One day, I hope to make a photo album out of them. Usually I favour the darker colours that come after the sun has disappeared, but sometimes I choose a photo of the earlier part of sunset, when the sun is still above the horizon and the colours take on a watercolour feel. I do occasionally edit the photos, to darken the silhouettes or bring out a colour that I want to highlight. I think most people go through life without noticing sunsets and sunrises (especially sunrises, since most people are in bed when they happen!). Creating this hobby for myself got me to be more aware of the natural beauty in the sky. If there’s something you like to look at, I recommend creating a photography habit out of it. Maybe you like looking at leaf patterns, birds, funny-shaped clouds, yellow flowers, red cars... anything really! Start taking time to study what’s around you, and collect pictures of what you love! This is even easier to do nowadays, with the advent of smart phones. So many apps make it easy for you to take good photos, and you can take photos of your weird-shaped cloud anywhere. If you could collect photos of something, what would it be?

Aren't these beautiful photo's? I'm more of a morning person than an evening person, but I must admit that the colours seem so much more vivid in sunsets. I have a habit of photographing my food....but I'm not sure whether that counts as a hobby!

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