19 April 2012

my environment: Rachel

Hey guys! Please say a massive hello to Rachel, she's a super-talented creative lady! She's currently running an Art Journal challenge - if you're interested in that kind of thing you should run on over and get involved! Enjoy! xo

Hello Frankly Vic readers! I'm Rachel from Pointless Pretty Things, and I'm so happy to be guest posting over here for Vic while she is away. She asked me to share my favourite things about my environment and it took me quite a while to decide what to choose. Before I moved to London four years ago, I had always lived in the country side and had only ever lived in one house. It took moving to such a big city for me to realise that I am really a country bumpkin at heart and I often can't wait to run away from London! 

// a train ticket from Eastleigh (my home town) to Derby (Jake's home town) that we have stuck up on our wall// 

So when asked about my "environment" at first I thought about the area I'm living in... It's not exactly the prettiest or the most interesting, even though I am quite happy here because it's all very convenient. But the trouble is that since I have been in London I have moved house every year, making it very difficult to settle into my environment and call it home. 

//a few of my collected teacups live inside this pretty birdcage// 

Consistently renting is an issue for me, I hate magnolia walls and generic pine furniture and having no opportunity to properly "nest" in my temporary homes. Having said that, I do have my little ways of bringing a bit of personality and a bit of home into my rooms... So then I realised that is probably my favourite part of my temporary environment, the little details that make it feel a bit more homey. 

//my wardrobe is always choc-a-bloc because I can't bear to leave anything at home//

In the spirit of this, I thought I'd take you all on a mini room tour to show some of these little details... I've learnt a few little tricks on how to dress up the dreaded magnolia and make things seems a little warmer. Every surface is full of little ornaments and teacups (pointless and pretty - if you will) and help to bring a bit of colour to the space. 

//I use my favourite teacup as a ring holder on my dresser// 

//I picked up this little russian doll at a charity shop years ago//

Probably the most important thing to both Jake and I in terms of settling into a place is pets! If we could, we would have as many pets as we could fit into our room! At the moment we have Keith the hamster, 5 fish and Isaac the Newt. They are our little friends and we love giving them the best environment possible!  

//Isaac dangling his little feet in the trickling water stream//

That's it from me! Thanks for having a little peek into my environment, and thanks for having me Vic! 

x Rachel 

I totally understand where Rachel's coming from about rented accomodation! Its hard to make a place feel your own when there's so many restrictions - but her place looks amazing!

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