13 April 2012

my environment - Rich

Hey guys! I'm really excited to introduce you to the first of  my guest bloggers while I'm away. This first post is written by Rich (who goes by the very original code name of R on this ol' blog). Rich is on my course at Uni and he also has the misfortune privilege of being my housemate, haha! He's pretty hilarious, so enjoy! xo 

I do realise that, as a 'non-blogger' that I'm kinda intruding here, but as Vic's housemate, and the 'R' she occasionally mentions in her blogs, I wanted a go at doing a guest post dagnammit! For me, the bestest, most fantastic, most awesome(meant in its actual meaning) part of the environment is the sea. Now seeing as I live, and go to university, more or less as far as you can actually get away from the sea in the UK, this sucks :(. Although, as the giant talking chicken in Robin Hood says, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'. (I realise that the 50 miles from my house to the beach doesn't really seem far if you live in the USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan etc, but it is for me!) I don't know what it is about the sea, maybe its vastness, maybe its sound, maybe its mystery, or maybe its funness-to-splash-around-in, but if it looks like this :


Or this:

Then its only a matter of time before I do something like this: 

(I'm on the far left, I'm not THAT crazy)
[Vic: I'm on the far right - I am THAT crazy!]

So, yeah...the sea...its pretty darn good. 

I feel that you guys are getting absolutely nothing from this post, and if you actually are still reading, you're probably thinking 'Why does this guy think we give a crap about the things he likes', so as a thank-you for reading, here is a recipe, style tip and link to a really relaxing website 

Squashed Banana and Sultana Sandwich 

1 Banana
2 Slices of bread
A handful of sultanas 

1) Butter each slice of bread on one side 
2)Slice the banana lengthway and place onto the buttered side of one piece of bread 
3)Sprinkle on the sultanas 
4)Place the other slice of bread butter side down on top 

Socks and sandals give you the comfort and protection of socks without the risk of overheating shoes give

Plus they look cool 

Really relaxing website: here 
You're welcome
(After writing this, Vicky informed me that she said MY environment, not THE environment. Oops.)
(Vicky then pointed out the whole world technically is everyones environment, so s'all good)

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  1. I've always loved the sea, for me its the smell of salt and the waves.
    Haha, socks and sandals are not cool, what's worse is that I know women who do this!
    And for the sandwich it sounds yummy but adding ready salted crisps would make it taste SO much better!


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