24 April 2012

something to remember

I've been collecting a lot of quotes recently.  I like to have a little collection of motivational thoughts to refer back to when I'm feeling a bit un-inspired. I love Pinterest because it gives me these little quotes as beatiful typography or with amazing images. For some reasone this has been stuck in my brain for the last couple of days (not literally, obviously).  I could have searched for it on Pinterest but to be honest, I really couldn't bear the thought of sifting through 4 million pages of results just to find something I liked. So I made my own, and I like it. So thats that.

Sometimes I feel a bit like I'm just going with the flow, letting my life decide my actions rather than the other way around. It takes effort to live with intention, but its undoubtably worth it. I was going to prin this out as a little reminder of that and add it to my collection of  random cheesy/movitational/happy pieces of paper that are on my pinboard... but then my red ink ran out so half of it came out in crazy colours. Boo. Here's hoping I can find a super-good deal on colour ink cartridges!


  1. Great quote :) And great pic to go with it!
    I feel like I'm constantly in the pilot seat these days. It's draining, but I kind of love it; knowing there's a goal I'm working towards and a reason to get up in the morning! :D

  2. Such a great quote. I think I might print this out and put it on my mirror.

  3. Add this to the list of reasons why you're awesome. I, too, LOVE quotes. I mean, seriously adore. I just wish I was wise enough to come up with some haha :)


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