05 May 2012



April was the Easter holidays at home, spending time with my favourite people, taking pictures of flowers and breaking in new walking boots. Seeing family I haven't seen in a while and baking glittery cupcakes. Checking out the new cafe in town with friends and finding my favourite new chocolate milkshake. Mum's wedding dress coming back into the shop & spending hours writing invitations. A day spent in a shopping centre looking for bridesmaids shoes and then finding them the next day in a boutique on a back street. Meals in pubs with new friends and an amazing but exhausting field trip to Ireland. Breaking my kindle somewhere in the middle of the Irish sea and getting a new one 3 days after calling Amazon. Hours spent searching for a cheap holiday and finally finding the perfect deal. Sorting work experience for the summer and making calls about some big dreams.


  1. LOve this photo! Sounds like a wonderful April.


  2. I have to say it sounds like a pretty amazing month :)

  3. that photo is absolutely breathtaking! What is the original colouring? I would seriously put this up in my room! Would you consider letting me? x


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