15 May 2012


studying:  like crazy! Its a bit weird but I kind of enjoy revising, this probably has something to do with my undying love for brightly coloured stationary. Sharpies, coloured pens, highlighers and post it notes are all utilised for revision purposes. I'm just happier if its colourful, okay?

listening to: the head and the heart//the civil wars//anything by ludovicio einaudi//lady antebellum//dawes [also, I like to listen to stuff when I study, any recommendations?]

smiling about: the sweetest emails from you guys, seriously, it makes my day! Who doesn't love email that isn't spam?!

super excited: about a trip I'm taking to Spain with one of my best friends. We decided to go somewhere, googled the heck out of the internet and booked it a week or so later. I can't wait, only a few weeks to go!!

really really hoping: that my passport comes in time for above trip because I am an idot who books a holiday with an expired passport. Please cross everything that can be crossed for me? Thanks...

slightly obsessed with: travel photography. I have a deadly serious case of wanderlust here people. It's bad. Really really bad.

loving: going through all my old photographs. I've discovered some absolute gems, and a ton that I obviously just dumped on my computer and forgot about. I think photoshop is going to get a serious workout over the nxt few months

missing: catching up on blogs. My bloglovin' is kinda bursting!

looking forward to: going home. I think this is probably the longest I've ever gone without seeing my mum, and that kinda sucks so... yeah, I'm looking forward to going home.

listing: everything I want to do over the summer. Hello bike rides and nights with wine.


  1. I really like the sharpies in that old jar - so cute!!

    Spain?! That's so exciting! Where abouts?

    Good luck revising. I'm still in the don't care about uni phase so my last three weeks of semester are going to be veeeeeery interesting..


  2. oh! That's my reality nowadays too. Wanderlust + a lots of reading. Han in there! You'r soon done. Spain will be awesome :D And a super opportunity for taking a lot o travel photos. Where exactly will you be going?

  3. Good luck with the rest of your exams! OOoo and where about in Spain are you going?
    It's insane how much time you can spend looking through old photos, I have an external hard drive full of them. Its always nice to look back and have a wee reminiscing sesh :)


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