21 May 2012

happy birthday blog

Dear Blog,
I can't believe you're already a year old, sometimes its a bit scary how quickly time passes. Although, having said that, it seems like ages ago I sat in my bedroom in halls and typed out that first post. Looking back is a strange combination of "did I really write that?!" and "actually, this years been really good for me", but I love that you've given me the ability to look back like that. I've got some amazing things planned for the next year & I'm looking forward to keeping track of them all with you

Remember where we started?

Dear Blog Friends,
You know who you are. You're the recievers of weird emails and random pictures. The kind words of support and encouragement right when I need them. You may be half a world away, I may not know what your voice sounds like and we may never meet, but I am forever grateful for your friendship.

Dear Blogland,
Thankyou for being one of the most motivational and inspiration places that I've ever been. Thankyou for giving me back my love of photography and teaching me how to code a blog layout (sort of!). Thankyou for reminding me that dreams should be scary and that nothing is really out of reach.

Dear Readers,
Thankyou for being here, for coming back time and time again and for taking the time to leave your thoughts. It still suprises me that people are genuinely interested in what I write. So thankyou.

Dear Lurkers,
You know who you are! I know you're there because blogger now shoves my pageviews in my face everytime I log on. Boo. So, because its the blogs birthday I'm making a special request for you to introduce yourselves - please? Leave a comment, email me or whatever - I'd really like to meet you!


  1. Happy Birthday Frankly Vic! xx

  2. Sweet Vic, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ((blog)). I am so glad we have had the chance to connect this year and I am always so pumped to read your post, my fellow adventurer. I completely agree with your sweet musings about blogland because it really is one of the most inspirational places out there. Period. The end.

    I hope this next year brings you EVEN MORE love, support, and friends :)

  3. Happy Bday Bloggy!!! haha :) x

  4. Do we have to buy you a Blog Birthday present?

  5. Oh my 1 year, right? Oh my time did fly indeed!

  6. Happy birthday to your blog! It's so lovely to take part in what you see and experience through it. Thank you for sharing!

  7. oh no I'm a bit late in the blog bday wishes :( but the sentiment is still there! It is always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and see your lovely pictures! xxx

  8. Hello I think that your blog is really nice!


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