30 June 2012

small moments

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to replace my laptop, the poor thing really had come to the end of its life and with Uni I really need a laptop that I can rely on. I've been having a pretty crazy couple of weeks so its taking me a bit longer than I'd like to switch everything over properly and get the new one running how I want it. One of the things I've really loved about switching over is all the random little screenshots/notes/pictures I've found. Little reminders of the small moments that I wanted to keep hold of (but have since forgotten about)! Its funny how the small moments can sometimes be the most important in retrospect. 

The best thing I've come across is a note I made when R, M and I moved into our little house at the start of the year. I can't really remember exactly how it occurred but I had this written down...

"So R went upstairs armed with a cheese grater and a whisk to double check that no-one was climbing in my window. Which is on the 2nd floor... Must have been a really tall burglar"

I'm sorry, but what?! I laughed. So. Hard. I'd completely forgotten about the entire 'incident', we hadn't been  living there that long and we kept hearing weird noises from upstairs (turned out it was my blind + I'd left the window open...). So R went to investigate. And obviously a whisk paired with a cheese grater was the best possible form of defense... So funny. 

Sometimes I feel like I can be a bit excessive in the amount of pictures that I take or memories that I record but I really appreciate it when I take the time to go back through things. As I move things across I'm putting these all in a folder so that everything's together. I really want to scrapbook this year - I've made an effort to take so many more photo's and it seems a great way of using them all. Can't decide yet whether to go the traditional route or whether to do it digitally and get it printed as a photobook. Decisions!

It's reminding me that it really is the little moments that make life great. The big moments are awesome, they bring excitement and change, the big things build milestones. But the little things? The little things are what makes every 'normal' day a little bit different. 

How cute is this print?!

PS: You have like 2 hours left to enter the giveaway - go go go! 


  1. Hahahaha, laughed so hard about that! Brilliant tactic for disarming a BFG sized burglar.

    I think it's brilliant how well you document life, it's definitely something that you will pat yourself on the back for in years to come. Especially with those moments that maybe aren't so "important" at the time but suddenly become truly wonderful memories!

    I just want to say, go team Vic!

    ... I don't know why.


  2. I think maybe I'll make a scrap book page or 3 of 'small moments'... what do you think? Having said this itll be like project 127 or something on the list! xx

  3. I LOVE THIS. How we are the same, friend. How. we. are. the. same.

    PS. I literally laughed out loud at the cheese grater and the whisk. Why? Because I have been known to use a broom against "intruders" haaahah

  4. What a cute story. It's so true that the little moments in life matter just as much. I have great photos of my friends and I being silly and they are some of my favorite. :)


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