25 June 2012

A weekend in Spain

First, I would really just like to say how awesome it feels to say "I spent last weekend in Spain". And no, I'm not bored of saying it yet. We had THE best time, and the weekend seemed to last forever - it felt more like a week! I'm planning on using some of the pictures from this trip to get back into scrapbooking - its been far too long since I've made something out of pictures and scraps of paper!

Friday started at 2:30am with a conversation between me and Hannah that probably didn't make ANY sort of sense. I don't even remember what was said. Tea was consumed and we hit the road at 3, I was kinda hoping that we'd get to see the sun come up... but it was predictably cloudy! We got breakfast in the airport - did you know that Starbucks do bacon rolls? So. Good. Also, if you're ever in Luton airport and are confused about where to get the plastic bags from for liquids - its the massive orange machine by the stairs. Which took us way longer to spot than it should have done! The flight was good (if you exclude us both feeling like our ears were going to explode) and when we walked off the plane it was warm. WARM! So we were pretty much immediately happy. There was some slight panicking when we couldn't find our hotel transfer, but it turned out that the company just has a different name in Spain. Helpful that!

Our balcony had the sun all afternoon and evening. Perfect

We were the last people to be dropped off, it was nice to get an idea of the town we were staying in but we were both a bit impatient to get checked in and get out exploring! We basically booked the cheapest holiday we could find... so the hotel being lovely was an unexpected surprise! We checked in, ditched our bags + headed straight for the beach.  After the obligatory ice cream we wandered up to the main streets to have a browse. I've never seen somewhere with so many little shops, especially places to eat! You could literally stay there for months and never eat at the same place twice. Our pre-holiday googling had left us with the impression that there wasn't much to do around the hotel, so, SO wrong. We spent most of Friday afternoon and a good chunk of Sunday just browsing the hundreds of little shops that were about.

There was SO much food. Everywhere.

Evenings with cocktails on the beach

Saturday we headed off to Barcelona! Apparently I'm better at navigating the Spanish rail system than I am the British one because we got there and back with no problems! (Although, it might just be Hannah...) We got off the train right opposite the Arc de Triomf, which was a pretty amazing first view of the city! Hannah purchased a map and we spent the entire morning exploring on foot. For me, the highlight was definitely the Sagrada Família, its such an amazing piece of architecture. I know opinion is very much divided about whether or not construction should continue - but I think it'll be amazing once its finished. 

You have to see this to 'get it' - just isn't the same from a picture.

We spent a good couple of hours in the afternoon in the Parc de la Ciutadella, chilling out and wandering about. It was pretty surreal to lie in a park, surrounded by palm trees watching bright green parrots fly over. If you're ever in Barcelona its definitely worth checking out - the Cascada is absolutely beautiful! There's also a zoo in the park which some post-trip googling has informed me was the home of the only known albino gorilla! (Just a little fun fact there...) We headed back in the early evening to get dinner in Calella + avoid missing the last train. Maybe we didn't see all of the 'typical' tourist attractions, and maybe we missed some really cool stuff. If I'm honest though? I would much rather wander around a new city getting a feel for the place than charge around at 100 miles an hour just to check things off a sightseeing list. There's tons more to see though, and I most definitely want to go back! 

The Cascada

Chilling under Palm trees. As you do.
We spent Sunday browsing tiny, crazy shops and reading on the beach. There was shops that sold literally EVERYTHING. My favourite? The store that sold nothing but candles. So many candles. Pretty much anything you can think of, they had a candle. We also saw a clothes shop where everything was made of white linen. It sounds kinda boring but it was actually really cool. Made you focus on the cut of the clothes rather than the fabric (direct quote from Hannah there!). We also accidently ended up on a nudist beach, took us a while to notice & by then we'd sat down and everything. We had to move. It was a tiny bit awkward. We finished off our last evening with the best pizza I have ever tasted ever + a jug of Sangria. So good. 

A random spot of shade.
THE best pizza. 

A candle camera. So cool!

Sunday afternoon...
Our flight was delayed on the way back + it was freezing when we stepped off the plane (thankyou England) but it was an amazing weekend. Adios!

P.S - Did you see the giveaway?


  1. I'm disgustingly jealous that you got a weekend away in Spain. I was stuck in cold, rainy England. Vom! Looks like you had a lovely time though :) I'm hoping to go there at the end of August. I haven't been before so you've really sold it to me :D

    1. Definitely go for it! Its an awesome city (: Don't worry... I'll be jealous when you're away in August!

  2. Got to say, I'm so very jealous right now! That pizza looks so scrumptious - I love pizzas abroad, they always seem so rustic! Can I ask where you stayed? My sister and I are looking for a long weekend somewhere this summer and this looks perfect!


    Kate @

    1. Pizza abroad tastes completely different to pizza here I swear! I've tweeted you with the details - hope its useful!

  3. So so so jealous! It looks fantastic! I'm glad you had such a good time :):) that pizza looks amazing (yes, I liked the food the most!) and it sounds so interesting! You managed to pack heaps into 2 days -- I also like the method of just wandering around and seeing what you see, not doing everything and having to skip out on stuff that interests you. I'd say you can brag about this trip for awhile yet ha! X

  4. I am jealous. I am so glad that you got to go! Everyone needs to travel the world. :)

  5. It looks like you had so much fun!!! What is sunshine and warm weather like? Is it as good as everyone says it is? I hear sometimes in Spain, unlike England, it can go 24 hours without raining, is it true?!?! I've almost forgotten what it's like not to be partly soggy most of the time... ;) xx

  6. Eeeee I enjoyed just remembering all that we did! Seems like more than a week ago! Enjoy scrapbooking, I've done 2 pages already, will have to show you when I'm home :) XX

  7. oh my gosh. how awesome!!! photos are gorgeous. hope you're having an awesome time!

  8. Oh yes, Barcelona! I have been there a few days with my mum last year. (I only went there because of Woody Allens movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and it was so worth it. I love the positive vibe in this city and THE ARCHITECTURE! Le parc de Guel from Gaudi is probably one of the best places to be :) Not to speak of the beach and it's own tube station ... ;) Happy that you had such a wonderful weekend, Vic!

  9. Looks amazing! I'm so gutted I didn't spend more time just chilling on a beach when I was in Lisbon. And I totally missed the park when I was in Barcelona! Sounds brilliant. Totally sucks to be home doesn't it? :P

    1. It kinda does! I missed THE park, but the one we found was pretty damn good!

  10. It looks wonderful :) I'm glad you had a good time Vic! I can't wait to go on vacation!

  11. Oh my gosh, I'm envious. I've wanted to go to Spain forever. Hopefully someday soon! :)


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