31 July 2012

round up: July

Some months just seem to go by and they're wonderful because life is wonderful, but other months really seem to happen. Know what I mean? July happened. It really did. I don't usually do monthly round-up posts (maybe I should start?) but every now and again I feel like I just want to preserve all my end-of-month thoughts.

I feel like so much has happened this month, big stuff and little stuff, minor things and perspective-altering things. It's been an important one. If I'm honest, I spent too much of July doing things that didn't work for me and not enough time doing the things that I love. It taught me a lot. I've always been told that you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes and I'm starting to really see that now. July taught me that I'm not the sort of person that can do something if my heart isn't in it. It showed me that doing something that isn't right for me impacts my entire life. I was stressed - a lot, I felt like I had nothing to write about and no inspiration when I picked up my camera. I was out of balance and I hated it.

That thing that I was so unhappy about? I was supposed to be doing an internship this summer, I was so excited about it. I felt it was a project that would really complement my studies and help me decide where I wanted to go in the future. Sadly, it really didn't work out that way.  I'm okay with it - because although it didn't work out, it had nothing to do with my ability to do the job I was asked to do. The company has apologised and the whole thing is over and done with.

Aside from that, this month has been full of really fun stuff! The first weekend of July was my mum's hen party - me and my godmother organised a completely surprise trip to London. Everyone had such a good day and it was such a nice way to celebrate with all her close friends. On this note, if you're ever looking for something a bit different to do and you're in the Embankment area - head over to the OXO tower and check out their 'Not Afternoon Tea'. Dessert and cocktails? Yes please... I've also been catching up with all the people that I don't get to see whilst I'm away at Uni, which generally involves lots of time spent at coffee places & wandering around shops trying to avoid buying stationary.

Obviously there was an awful lot of wedding preparation going on as well! We did quite a bit ourselves and it was so nice on the day to look around and see all those personal little touches. Mum & Kev got married on Friday and it was such a beautiful day. Nothing could have gone better!

How was your July?

P.S: I know a lot of you have emailed me and I haven't got back to you yet. I promise you'll hear back this week!! 


  1. Eugh, internships have been rubbish for me this month too.. I had one lined up at a magazine and set it up 3 months ago.. i asked them to confirm they'd received my acceptance of the placement about 10 times by email and called twice but had no response. Eventually I gave up and thought it must have been cancelled without me knowing.. 2 days before it was meant to start they contacted me. Two days.. which meant I had no time to book anywhere to stay or to get time off work.

    Sometimes disorganisation really bugs me lol x

  2. Ooooo those desserts look scrummy. Next time i'm in London it's on the list haha. I hope you are not too upset with the internship, maybe just wasn't meant to be and better things are on the horizon! There is always hope :-)

  3. its not even 10am and my mouth is WATERING over that dessert!

  4. That dessert looks YUMMMMY!


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