20 July 2012

weeks fly by

I've spent a couple of afternoons this week playing around photographing wedding rings. Mum really wants some nice close ups of the rings and although the photographer will probably take his own its something that can be done before the big day. Plus it gives me an excuse to get my camera out, so who's complaining? Even though they're having a professional photographer, I'd really like to get a few special shots that I've taken - makes things a little bit more personal. I'm hugely pleased with a few of the shot that I've taken, but I won't be sharing anything until after next week! 

The weddings come round SO fast and I can't believe there's only a week to go! Me and Mum have got the last few bits sorted this week and there's hardly anything left to do. I love that we've made things a bit more personal by doing some stuff ourselves. This is the first wedding I can remember going to, and its been so nice to be really involved with it. I'm so pleased with their wedding present as well... but mum reads this so I can't say much more!

In non-wedding related news... I can't believe its been over a week since I last posted! Usually I feel the need to write every couple of days but this week I haven't really felt it. Life has been a good kind of busy but has slowed down quite a bit, which I'm grateful for. I've taken the time to re-evaluate and re-prioritise and I'm feeling a ton better for it. Sometimes you need to agree to do less in order to get more done. Sometimes you also need to convince yourself that its okay to not be busy all of the time, I struggle with this. 

This week though, I've tried to stress less and go-with-the-flow more. I've hung out with most of my favourite people, made plans, written lists and learnt how to make sugarpaste roses. I also made mum and I the most amazing lunch in the history of time. Salad, tuna & cheese wraps, where have you been all my life?

You don't even know how good this is. 

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a lazy morning in bed catching up with blogs. I almost hope it rains just for an excuse to curl up and do nothing all day, but then, judging by the summer we're having so far? That's probably going to be exactly what happens. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend (:


  1. I've started to hope for rain at the weekends too, it makes for such a relaxing and cosy time! Hpe the wedding goes well, sound like you're having a lot of fun prepping for it. Have a great weekend x

    1. It really does! I'm loving it, hopefully this attitude will carry on to winter so I don't get the rain blues. It is a lot of fun - have a great weekend! x

  2. oooooh my...that wrap looks AMAZING!!! that is def one of my favorite quick meals to make for lunch. with the right ingredients they can be SO yummy!


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