27 August 2012

a drive on the wild side

A couple of weekends back, Mum, Kev, Sam (my youngest step-brother) and I took a trip to Woburn Safari Park. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took didn't really come out too well - I think it was because I was shooting through glass. A couple of shots came out just like they'd been taken with a really old disposable camera, light leaks and everything! They looked pretty cool but I've never seen results like that from a digital SLR before, so weird. These are just a few of the shots that I was pretty happy with- my favourite is definitely the rhino. I love colour, but there's something really special about black and white photography. If I'm completely honest, I'd probably love to shoot absolutely everything in black and white - I  focus so much more on texture and detail when I'm planning on converting an image.

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about zoo's and safari parks but I was really impressed with how the animals were looked after at Woburn. If you're after a day out that's a little bit different then I definitely recommend it - just don't go in a convertible!! The first time we went around it was a bit hot so most of the animals were just chilling out in the shade, but we decided to drive around once more in the afternoon before we left. The lions were super active - we had to stop several times because they were investigating the car. One of the lionesses was absolutely huge, I've never seen a lion that big before. She was easily taller than the bonnet of our 4x4! I think its easy to forget the power and strength of some of these animals sometimes. We're so used to seeing them as cute and cuddly, or on wildlife shows on our tv screens that we lose sight of the reality of their existence. Its nice to be reminded sometimes.


  1. awww this looks like such a fun adventure! im a sucker for wild animal parks :)

  2. I love the top photo! Beautiful shots :)

  3. Wow! Your photography is amazing! I 'dabble' in photography but am not nearly as good as you. I was hoping that you would check out my blog and consider following me. I am attempting to build my audience with some lovely ladies like yourself and it would be awesome if you would become one of my 'bloggin buddies'!



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