10 August 2012

hazy days

The past couple of days have been summer, hot and hazy with wispy clouds and blue skies. I've been outside as much as possible, being inside on nice day drives me absolutely insane. I spend most of the winter waiting for summer to come back and I literally cannot stand feeling like I'm not making the most of it. I'm not sure if this holds true for anyone else, but I'm just so much happier when the sun is out - I feel really energised and motivated. I think maybe I need to move to somewhere that its sunny most of the time. Then maybe I wouldn't have to resort to staring at pictures of summer when its chucking it down outside and I'm wearing every jumper I own in an attempt to feel vaguely warm. I might be exaggerating here, but only a tiny bit. Honest.

In the last few weeks I seem to have perfected the art of relaxed busy. This probably sounds like a total contradiction, but it kind of works. Life's been slow paced and laid back, but I've got a ton of stuff done. The bathrooms been repainted, I've framed and hung my cross-stitch, I've almost got through my pile of alterations, the holiday book from last year is almost finished and I'm still completely loving this summers minibook. Productive times around here. Sometimes I think that I get more done when I don't have to get anything done than I do when I have a massive list complete with deadlines. There's probably a lesson in there somewhere, but maybe its just that making stuff with my hands makes me happy.

A while ago I blogged about a load of ideas that I'd had for summer photography projects, 2 of them were to 'define your summer' and 'stretch yourself'. I've been combining the two to try and document all of the small things. I'm a big fan of 'lifestyle' photography (is that even what its called? I don't know.) and its been a style that I'm really trying to get better at. I'm slowly starting to see results, for me its all about developing an eye for a good image. When I look back over the past couple of months I definitely prefer the images that I'm shooting now so I'm obviously on the right tracks! I'm really happy with the 50mm I got as well, it really is a fantastic lense! I'm pretty good with the technical stuff - I did an A-Level in photography and as part of that we had to learn exactly how a camera worked. I think its the best thing you can do if you want to really understand the technical aspects - just go learn how a camera works, you'll understand everything an awful lot better!

The advantages of being short. You get quite handy with a needle and thread...


  1. hihihi! i tagged you in a little nominated, check it out if you wanna:)

  2. I like this post :) Can't wait to see more of your photography, Vic!
    And I envy you for getting so much done in a relaxed mode. I can't do that.
    I'm either over-busy or under-relaxed, if that makes any sense?

    P.S.: I voted you for the my liebster blog award as well /


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