31 August 2012

recap: August

August was spending even more time in coffee shops and trying less successfully to avoid spending money on stationary. I say less successfully because WHSmith's had paperclips shaped like people and they were 99p, I mean, you can't really say no to that can you? I became obsessed with the Olympics, visited Woburn Safari Park, spent a day in London with my mum and caught up with friends and family. I took more pictures and decided that post-processing really isn't my thing. It was a month that was entirely mine and I definitely needed that.

In terms of creative endeavours, it was a hugely productive month. I made over an old kitchen chair to make a dressing table chair, I finished a quartet of cross stitch pieces that I started about 4 years ago, I (virtually) emptied my alterations basket, started and got all the photo's I've printed so far into my first minibook (LOVE them. So easy. So good.), started making friendship bracelets with bargain embroidery floss and teamed up with two of my favourite people to make a totally kick-ass gift for a friend.

August always feels like the end of the year for me, maybe even for most people. Its the last month of freedom before school starts, of (supposedly) good weather before the leaves turn and autumn kicks in. This time last week I would have said that this August was an awesome month. It was. Then a crapload of crap (technical term) happened and now I'm pretty annoyed with August.Isn't it weird how a small window of time can taint such a large one? Yesterday I pinned this (before you ask, yes I do have a slight problem) and its just so true for me right now. Sometimes things come into your life just as you need them. I'm taking this into September with me and hoping it sticks.



  1. Sounds like a good month! I want those paperclips.. x

  2. I've missed you! And I love that picture :-) xx

  3. Love the picture :) and how come i wasnt told about the paperclips?! :P x


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