26 September 2012

25 reasons why Autumn is wonderful

The entire purpose of this list is to make myself feel better about the fact that its absolutely chucking it down for the third day in a row & it'll probably be 7 or 8 months before I can wear shorts again. So I came up with this... a long list off all the things I love about Autumn.

  • Drinking hot chocolate (the fact that I drink it all year is irrelevant)
  • Boots
  • Knee high socks & thick tights. Does anyone else find this warmer than jeans? Because, I really, really do.
  • Duvet days. It just feels more acceptable to spend the entire day on the sofa when its freezing outside
  • Piles of crunchy leaves that can be jumped in and kicked through
here - I found this pattern just at the start of summer, hoping to get them knitted up this winter!
  • Frosty mornings
  • Falling asleep to the sound of rain 
  • Wellies
  • Blankets on sofa's in the evening
  • Carving pumpkins

Fresh snow - Frosty mornings III
here - If you have time you should definitely consider checking out this entire photostream, there are some absolutely stunning images here. 
  • Looking through pictures from 2008 & remembering how awesome it was to spend Hallloween in a                  small town in California
  • Watching scary films on Halloween
  •  Layers
  •  My electric blanket- this should probably be at the top of the list. So amazing. 
  •  Looking at photographs of New England - I'm desperate to visit whilst the leaves are turning. 
Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
here - this photostream is worth checking out as well - there is some amazing HDR work here
  • Friends birthdays 
  • My birthday 
  • Winter sunsets
  • Bonfire night 
  • Scarves
Frosty Evening
here - I love subtle HDR
  • Evenings spent knitting (and searching for patterns)
  • Soup 
  • Watching the leaves turn
  • Christmas shopping
  • Big jumpers + cardigans
Started this jumper last year + still haven't finished it... Oops!

What do you love about Autumn? 


  1. I love this list, Autumn is my favourite season x

  2. Okay sooo this made me really, really excited for fall. (and definitely helps me cope with the fact that I'm about to turn even more pastey white REALLY fast)

    I especially love "duvet days", which is code for I'm totally stealing that term. :)

  3. definitely my birthday, tea with honey and spices!

  4. Oooooo great list. I look forward to the leaves turning, those really cold days but the sun is shing, cosy big socks and wooly tights and yes I do find them much warmer than jeans. I wear quite a lot of dresses in autumn and winter because of thick tights. x

  5. I so love wearing thighs & high socks and agree that they are warmer than jeans. In fact, I need to start wearing them more often again!



  6. Autumn IS wonderful, and I'm totally jealous everyone gets to experience it! No fall weather here :(
    xo Heather

  7. I also totally love the autumn!! And I agree with you about jeans - I really prefer leggings and skirts/dresses and the likes during the cold months. Much warmer!! Plus I can use my high Docs:)

  8. I absolutely love this post. I am such a fan of autumn and this is making me even more excited. It's finally scarf weather here and the leaves are starting to change - I live in New England. You'll definitely have to visit while the leaves are changing at some point, it's gorgeous.

  9. Lovely! I think it's easy right now, when we are in middle of the transition, to load ourselves up with expectations. That's why we should make the most out of making those expectation positive :)

  10. What a beautiful knitting pattern! Serious skill involved! I love lighting the fire and reading fat books. (And love autumn so much I wrote my own list on!)

  11. I love this! And I really need an electrical blanket! It sounds amazing! :)

  12. This list is adorable! I also love Autumn and I can't wait for all the rainy days when I'll get to wear my yellow rain boots! Yay! :)

  13. this is the best list ever. I started reading it and was like "yeah, i totally agree on number one.. and number two.. yes, three is right, too, hmmm and four.. she is so right! perfect!" haha Love autumn :-)

  14. Can't wait to layer up for fall!

  15. Aww, such a lovely list! I couldn't have come up with so many nice things :)

    You have a really sweet blog btw! ^^

    Indie by heart

  16. pretty nice pics!


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