23 September 2012

happening here #4

This week has been supremely uneventful & incredibly enjoyable. Lectures don't start until next week so its been a whole week of not doing much & catching up with uni-people. M, R and I have have pretty much picked up where we left off last year. Its all kinds of awesome when you get to live with 2 of your best friends. We argue & we probably all annoy the heck out of each other at times, but it works.

Thursday was a lesson in accepting rejection. True story. A couple of the other girls from the Zumba committee & myself were handing out leaflets in the activities fair. The reactions you get from people when you're trying to make them take leaflets is seriously hilarious. People can be split into 3 groups - the polite, the blank and the crazy. Polite people either take the leaflet or say "no thanks". Blank people look straight through you like you don't exist. Crazy people completely overreact... "Are you interested in joining the Zumba society?" "NO!" (accompanied by a completely horrified expression).  I'm sorry, I didn't realise exercise/dance classes were that offensive...So. Funny.

This city just stops.
The best day of the week was undoubtedly Saturday. Me and R decided to go for a walk (hike? What's the difference between those two words anyway?) to make the most of the weather and get out of the house for a bit. We didn't have much of a plan so we just headed out in the direction of countryside. I've always felt before like we live in 'the middle' of a city, but I'm revising my opinion somewhat in light of recent events. We  walked out almost to the edge of the Peak District & found the most beautiful places along the way.

Several times we discussed the possibility that we had either a) been teleported somewhere or b) accidently gone back in time before the city was built. Obviously both are valid options. I really want to go back and explore some of the paths that we didn't take, with snacks this time. We were starved by the time we got back! We were also kinda bummed out that we turned around when we did - another half a mile and we'd have made it to the reservoir. Next time!

Sunday I spent most of the morning going through Saturdays pictures & most of the afternoon designing and installing a new blog layout (did you notice?). I love it. More pictures from Saturdays jaunt  I also drunk a lot of tea, its damn cold in this house + hot drink are definitely the way forward!

How was your week? Did you get up to anything exciting?


  1. These photos are so enjoyable. (And I know how it is to have to deal with the "crazy" ones after my job in sales this summer. Gosh, I do really empathize)

    By the way: is this a new header today?

  2. What beautiful photos! Love the moving water :)

  3. V, you're a zumba master?! I had no idea! You. are. so. cool.

    Also - these pictures - I am literally dying all over the place. That's it, I'm boarding the next plane, prepare the chips and tea!

  4. I love taking these kind of walks and discover new paths! But yes, snacks are essential :) and the pictures are pretty awesome!

  5. Frankly Vic, You chose your obsession, I mean hobby, well. Your photos are so incredible that I am going to keep my lousy camera so at least I'll have an excuse for why my pictures turn out so poorly. Beautiful blog!


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