02 September 2012

happening here

making wedding thankyou notes with mum/ minibook makin' (still love this)/ rain & rainbow scissors/ new wellies/ almost done/ cross-stitch title page/ Meggie's birthday present

I really love my new wellies. I think this just needs to be said, I can't even remember the last time I had a pair of wellies that fit me and these are seriously cute. I was SO happy that it rained, it was the perfect excuse to wear them! We made Meggie's birthday owl at a craft cafe thats just opened in town - so good! I can see us spending a lot of time there. Its our kinda place. The minibook is almost finished, I love this project. I had some spare embroidery floss left over so I'm using it to make the front cover. Odds and ends happening around here but its good stuff. 


  1. love this post! so cute :) you take beautiful photos x

  2. The owl has pride of place on my bookcase.

  3. I love every single photo in this post haha cross stitch something for me! Have you seen my rainboots by the way? Not dissimilar, cept they are zebra print ;) except it's bloody summer here now and I barely got to wear them! Defs bringing them to Europe with me though HA! X

  4. I'm not sure what I like best, the wellies or the beautiful owl you made!!!

    I have so many cross stitch projects I want to make and not enough hours! ;D xx

  5. Oh, just oozing with creativity! I love it. And the wellies are truly darling!

  6. Is it okay that I call them wellies in America? Because no one else does BUT I DO!! And you, so I feel like it should be totally okay.


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