21 September 2012

project life: week #1

left hand side
right hand side

For those of you who haven't come across project life, I suggest you check out this page for an explanation. The whole system was originally designed to be done with card & paper, but a lot of people have been doing it digitally and they've actually now released digital versions of the core kits. I would love to do this in a 'proper' album, I really would. For me, typing words up just isn't the same as physically putting pen to paper and recording my thoughts. That said, I can't really justify spending out on everything I would need to get started, so I'm sticking with my own digital version.

The template I designed myself in Photoshop - I might play around with different layouts in the future but for now this arrangement is exactly what I want. I love the rounded corners look so I just used the rounded-rectangle shape for each 'pocket' and use a clipping mask to 'slot' everything inside it. Pretty basic, but it does the job. All of the journal cards/papers/etc are freebies that I've found online. I've tried to pin everything I've downloaded to keep track of sources - so if you have any questions about where anything came from please just ask! The 'stamps' I'm using are mainly free photoshop brushes - there are more of them out there than you can even dream of. This week I've created a couple of brushes myself for words/phrases that I can see myself using a lot. I expect that the week number card will change every week, depending on what colours I decide to use. The quote card is something that Elise uses in her layouts & its something that I really love. I have a whole collection of quotes saved + it'll be a good excuse to actually use some of my favourites. I plan on the quote relating to the week somehow but we'll see. A lot of the journalling has come straight from blog posts - if I've already written about something then I'm not going to do it twice! I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to use background papers, maybe they'll work some weeks and not with others.

I have two favourite things about this project: One is how fast it is. This spread probably came together in around 45mins, I say probably because I didn't do everything in one go. As I was sorting pictures through off my camera I stuck the ones I wanted to use straight into where I wanted them to go in the spread. I'm trying to (roughly) organise everything into chronological order, so the pictures on the left hand side are from the start of the week, and the right hand side are later in the week. The second thing about the project? It's simple - I like that. I love that I now have somewhere to put the random pictures of everyday life that I take. I love that embellishing pictures is a choice. I love that I can choose whether my jounalling is brief enough for a small card or detailed enough for a big card. I think this project is going to be awesome.

Questions? Leave them here & I'll be sure to get back to you! 


  1. This is a neat idea! And even though this is a digital scrapbook you can still print them out later :D

  2. I love the Project Life concept, and plan on doing one for 2013 (I'm weird and can't bring myself to start journals or scrapbooks in the middle of a year). I love the digital layout of yours, this is excellent!

  3. I started soon something similar! I call it my lifestyle accountability challenge :) love this! Cute bed!

  4. I absolutely love Project Life. It is so easy and ends up looking so nice and really lets you focus on the pictures!

  5. I absolutely LOVE project life. It is so easy and really lets you focus on the pictures and the story.


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