29 September 2012

project life: week #2


Week 2 took longer to pull together, I knew I wanted to include pictures from my walk on Saturday, (my weeks here run Sunday - Saturday) and sorting through everything I'd taken took time. I love that this project is forcing me to take more pictures. I often find myself not picking my camera up for a while when I'm in a routine, but this is getting me to look at everyday life in a different way & giving me an opportunity to really practice and develop my photography. I love that I have somewhere to keep track of all the random little things that happen - stuff that isn't particularly important, but is worth remembering all the same. Those photo's are usually my favourites but until now I haven't had anywhere to put them.

I think this is going to stay simple, I want this to be simple. The colours will change week to week but I don't feel the need to add much more to this than words and pictures. I think its all it needs. I'm definitely planning on getting this printed, and trying to decide at the moment whether it's best to print each page off as a 12x12 sheet and insert them into a regular scrapbook, or to wait until the end of the year and splash out on a 12x12 book.  

Are any of you digital scrappers? Do you print your pages? 

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  1. I love this project you're doing Vic! And it's looking really good. I wish I had the patience to do something like this :)


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