19 September 2012

ready for third year & a new project

It's good to be back here, I haven't started lectures yet (not 'till next Wednesday) but I'm on the ZumbaSoc committee this year and there's quite a lot to be sorted out with that, so I'm keeping busy! The girls on the committee are great & I have a feeling that being this involved with a society is going to be a ton of fun. I'm missing being home... but I'm not missing home, just the people there! Our little house is wonderfully awful, I love it but at the same time... it has more than a few problems. I think maybe we need to talk to our landlord about the fact that the slugs invading R's room don't pay rent. Hardly fair in my opinion!

I spent most of yesterday unpacking my stuff and sorting out my room, I could have sworn I tidied it before I left for the summer... but obviously not. Its kind of nice to have some time to just adjust back to student life & get used to freezing my butt off before I start lectures again. Hopefully by the end of the week we might remember that we need to get meat out of the freezer if we want to eat that night... It might be a tiny bit obvious by the top picture that I really love my roof window. I will probably (definitely) be moaning about it by the middle of winter, when its super windy and the tree is trying to get in my room. For now though? I love being able to see the stars from my bed, its kind of like sleeping outside - but warmer.

I mean, seriously, Who wouldn't want to wake up to this?!

For a while now, I've been reading about Project Life & really wishing I could afford to get stuck in. Last week I was browsing a few design blogs & I came across a digital version. I did a bit more digging and came across an entire community of project lifers that work digitally. So cool. I've designed my own templates in Photoshop and have been pinning a TON of freebies. I did my first layout last week & its possibly the best project ever. Seriously. Its so simple. I'm not sure whether I'll manage to keep up with it over the year once work starts piling up but I'm gonna give it my best shot. I'll be sharing soon! 


  1. Oh wow, that view is stunning! I would love to wake up to that :)

  2. It looks so lovely and serene. Good luck this semester! I hope you do well in all of your courses.
    PS: semester? Do you call them semesters? Terms? Quarters? None of the above?

  3. I have a similar window in my tiny little living room and the couch is right under it. Sometimes I choose to sleep there just because I wake up to a perfect view of the morning sky! :)

  4. Wow! That's pretty awesome :) I want to sleep under a window too!

  5. That view really does look amazeballs!

    I'm jealous of your student life ha I wish I had the time to be more involved but between actual uni work, my job, my boyfriend and everyone else I apparently know, there's very little actual time - funny that!

    Enjoy the start of your 3rd year! As a 3rd year veteran (almost) I'm always here for advice ;) X

  6. What a great way to walk up every morning!

  7. Wow! That window really is lovely & I'm slightly jealous ;)

  8. I really want to do project life too! It looks so fun, I'm definitely going to check out the digital versions now! Also I'm a bit late in this I think but loving the new blog design, really lovely and autumnal :) xxx


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