12 September 2012

walk me out in the morning dew today

Sometimes when I look back at pictures I've taken, there's an image that I've captured that I love. Other times it seems like I've frozen time in those pixels and it feels like I can step right back to where I was when I shot them. These images are like that for me. They're not just pictures. 

They're the feeling of freedom that comes from having nowhere to walk to, the sense of peace that morning air brings, the feel of wet ferns against bare legs + the sparkle of dew on thousands of strands of spiders web. They're a place where hearts are peaceful and minds are still, where dreams are tangible and strangers are friendly. They remind me to listen to my soul & follow my heart. They are so much more than just pictures.

Do you ever feel like this about pictures? 


  1. Swoooooon! These are gorgeous! Love the spiderweb pics!

    Xo Emilie at Hungry Delights

  2. Your pictures are just amazing (as always) :) and yes, I love when pictures are so much more than just pictures. Don't we all get that feeling sometimes!

    Have a great weekend Vic!

  3. Absolutely! I'm far from home right now, and when I look at the photos I took on my last vacation the take me right back. I remember the warmth of the pizza oven, the feel of the sea mist on my legs, and the joy I felt at being with someone I love. Photos are worth so much!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Nothing beats that early morning feeling. You've captured it so well!


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