29 October 2012

a charity firewalk (and pumpkins, mostly pumpkins)

Saturday I spent the evening helping out at a fundraising event for the charity that my Mum runs. I was in charge of taking pictures, running a tombola & helping little one's to carve pumpkins. I've never seen a firewalk before, but watching people walk over hot coals was actually pretty entertaining! I'm not entirely sure how people don't burn their feet, but no-one did and a fair bit of money was raised so it was a successful night! 

 We spent an hour or so  Saturday afternoon hollowing pumpkins out & baked the seeds on Sunday. I can't actually think of anything more delicious than warm roasted pumpkin seeds seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. So, SO good. I've spent today drinking countless cups of tea, munching on pumpkin seeds (new favourite snack) and writing up lectures notes. Its starting to feel a lot like winter around here & I think I may need a trip to Primark for some fluffy socks & new pyjama bottoms when I get back to the city. 


  1. They don't burn their feet?? I love pumpkin seeds! Yum!
    xo Heather

  2. It is so much like winter this week, for sure! I need to roast some pumpkin seeds, too, now that you mention it.

  3. I love how beautiful your site is looking, Vic! Wow. I haven't visited in a while. :) Nice design. I love the photos in this blog entry, too. Quite talented, you are. Yoda, I am, apparently. :P

  4. It is starting to feel a lot like winter now, isn't it? Probably because it got so cold so quickly. I even had to stop myself from watching a Christmas film last weekend!

  5. I've never carved a pumpkin!

    I know someone who carved loads this year but threw away all the insides. What a waste ay!

  6. Aw what a great way to raise money! It sounds absolutely amazing! I don't think I'd have the guts to walk across coals! I absolutely love you pictures! xx


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